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Destroy Massive MT is one of the final missions in Armored Core 3.

Massive MT side view AC3

The Massive MT.


Requester: Union

Advance: 0

Upon success: 100000

Operation Area: Avalon Hill

Enemy Forces: Massive MT

Objective: Destroy the massive MT

Operation Code: Ofanim

Client Name: Union

Place Name: Avalon Hill

Start Time: 16:00

Security Level: 1

Estimated Success Rate: 8%

Recommended Raven Rank: S


Our long-range scanners have acquired a massive target moving through sector 720. Given its current heading, we believe that a nearby energy reactor is in imminent danger.

Unleashing something of this magnitude can only be the work of The Controller. Whatever its intentions, the situation looks grim.

Regardless we can't just give in. Destroy the target at all costs!



Laine Meyers:That’s the target. Its full potential is unknown. Be careful...

Laine Meyers:What’s this!? It’s splitting in two!

Laine Meyers:Target destruction confirmed. Raven, return to base.

Laine Meyers:Raven, please respond!


Funds: 20,000c


Here comes the toughest enemy in the Armored Core 3 campaign. This is not necessarily the hardest mission, but can be if you come ill-prepared. Defeating the Massive MT can be done in various ways, but no matter what you pick, you have to commit to it.

The best strategy towards defeating the Massive MT is playing a game of cat and mouse. Use the wrecked ship as a shield, blocking the MT's firepower which mainly consists of quad pursuit missile mods, large missile launchers, and twin plasma cannons. Tank ACs with heavy armor work well in absorbing damage and delivering damage. Lighter ACs instead will find little difficulty in evading the enemy and outranging it. Melee or close range weapon is heavily unadvised as the enemy is essentially flying and difficult to face even with a highly maneuverable configuration (plus you are going to face the full burnt of the giant MT's weaponry this way, drastically increasing the risks involved).

After it takes some damage, the Massive MT will split in two. The second part is going to bombard you with double grenade bursts, dealing additional damage. Unless you're actively working to acquire the OP-INTENSIFY extra function and/or have ammo to spare, it's best to leave the smaller part alone. The reason for this is that it is not nearly as dangerous as the larger, main piece which is the main target. Be sure to keep the wreckage in between at all times, pounding it as it comes around. Following this strategy, you should do fine.

An alternate strategy employs high damage-per-second. Equip long-ranged, high-DPS weapons. By combining weapons like CWR-HECTO, CWC-GNS-15, MWR-TM/60, or CWR-M30 with a left-arm part like KWG-HZL50 and an EO core, you will be able to destroy it before it destroys you. Utilise tread-type or quad-type legs to allow for movement while firing, and take advantage of the ability to fire rockets without requiring a lock. You also won't be hindered by your FCS trying to lead the target for you.

Another strategy exploits the limited range of the Massive MT. This is its glaring weakpoint, and despite its size it lacks any real long-ranged weapons (unlike its secondary tail part). At middle range it is going to deploy its missile array, and direct fire weapons are only activated at close distance. In result, any long-ranged AC weaponry can handily outrange this enemy. To make use of this fact with little difficulty, equip a long range FCS, the heavy sniper rifle, and back rocket launchers (as expected, the CWR-HECTO will do the job the quickest). As long as you keep the shipwreck in the middle, the Massive MT is going to mostly sway laterally, making it harmless. If you stay at no less than half of effective range of your sniper rifle, the main body is never going to attain a lock-on, letting you fire at it at your leisure. Its slow speed is going to make rocket aiming easy - doubly so when it attempts to close the distance, flying straight at you. After about a dozen shots or so the enemy will transform into its second phase. Then, all that changes is that you will have to keep your eye on the tail cannon and be ready to dodge once it makes a return trip towards you. Other than that, it is the same routine, just the main body will take more damage than before (approximately three times as much) before destruction.

Alternatively, swap out the sniper rifle for the hand rocket - this way you will do even more damage and your FCS will be totally inconsequential, allowing you to bring down the Massive MT exclusively with the rockets. Due to the fact that the main body is such a big and slow target, this mission is arguably the best place to let a rocket-only loadout shine.

Consorts are of limited use in this mission. The enormous firepower wielded by the Massive MT threatens to destroy even the heaviest ACs in little time, and your consorts generally cannot kite the enemy effectively enough to survive the ordeal. They can hasten the transition into the second phase of the battle, but after that they are going to suffer fast. They mostly serve as temporary diversion for the main body of the Massive MT. Overall, if you want one, Royal Mist makes the best consort here specifically due to his highest AP count.

Bonus parts[]

This mission offers several rewards:

Passing this mission unlocks the MCM-MX/002 Core part in the shop.

The MLB-MOONLIGHT laser blade can be unlocked during the mission. To unlock the part, complete the mission without hiring a consort.

The CBT-FLEET Booster part is hidden in this mission. It is located northwest of the starting position. It may be found in a depresion in the ground near the out-of-bounds line.

OP-INTENSIFY challenges[]

By having the OP-INTENSIFY part equipped while doing this mission, you will unlock enhanced cooling performance for your AC.

By destroying both parts of the Massive MT while having the OP-INTENSIFY part equipped, you will unlock the ability to fire shoulder mounted cannons while moving, for all leg types.