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Destroy Massive MT is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.




Client: Navis

Details: Remove MT threat. Destroy the massive MT unit.

Advance: 0c

Reward: 200000c

Area: Navis MT Storehouse

Remarks: --



System:Multiple heat signatures detected in close proximity to the target.

System:They're probably its power source. Please destroy them.

Announcement:Energy supply level has dropped to 70%.

Announcement:Energy supply level has dropped to 40%.

System:Target Destruction Confirmed.


The Leviathan produces a lot of ECM so an AC with a good counter is necessary. The Turrets can prove a pain especially as you have to wait for the hanger doors to open so they should be taken out. Once the first chamber opens, the Leviathan is behind the second one and will begin firing sporadically. It's not that hard to dodge its attacks but they can do a lot of damage. Just wait for the lock on to return and pound it with powerful weapons. It will fall before too long.



  • Should the player fail this mission, a cinematic cutscene will play out, without a summary/mission report status.
    • The cutscene appears to show Mirage hacking into the Raven's Ark database, then an army of ACs march with the company's logo on a flag. Evangel also appears in front of the army. What this truly means is unclear, however it likely represents Mirage winning the war and coming out on top, unconquerable.