Destroy Plus Escapee is a mission in Armored Core. A remake of this mission can be found in Nexus Revolution disk.


Requester: Murakumo Millenium

Advance: 0

Upon success: 5000

Theater of operations: Old Jiriera City Building

Enemy forces: 1 AC

Conditions for success: Destroy the AC


A subject from the "Plus" next-generation experiments has escaped from
the lab.

We cannot divulge any details, but a certain experiment seems to have
adversely affected the mind of the subject. An eye witness said that
the subject is completely deranged.

An ex-Raven, he ran amuck with his AC in the city, mowed down a Guard
detachment and ran away above ground. We found him in an abandoned
skyscraper in the old city.

If we leave the situation as is, we don't know when he will start
running amuck again. Go to the skyscraper now and destroy him and his

We regret having to resort to such measures, but there is nothing else
we can do. The footing is very poor at the site, so if you enter into
combat, be very careful not to fall.

When he escaped, he took a prototype AC part with him. You don't have
to return the AC part. If you find it, it's yours.
We are counting on you.



Radio: "...Ra. Rave...n Watch...Out...You...too"


Armored Core Destroy Plus Escapee

Armored Core Destroy Plus Escapee

This mission is fairly easy although getting the hidden part, the best generator in the original game, is a bit tricky. The part is on a walkway below the starting positioning and with poor boosting capability, it may not end well. Once you get this part, simply fly up and do battle with the Heat Wave. This AC's biggest advantage is its power to fly forever. However it isn't a big problem but it's fairly weak. Once it's destroyed, the mission is over. Make sure not too get too much damage over the course of this short mission because the pay isn't great.


  • This is the lowest paying mission in the first Armored Core game.
  • The AC part (GBG-XR) is on a ledge of the starting skyscraper
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