Destroy Power Core is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.

Old Court - Power Core

The Power Core.


Requester: Global Cortex

Advance: 0

Upon success: 67000c

Operation Area: Old Court

Enemy Forces: Sentry MTs, Patrol MTs, High-end MTs (Unknown Number)

Objective: Destroy Reactor Core

Operation Code: Spark Plug

Client Name: Global Cortex

Place Name: Old Court

Start Time: 16:00

Security Level: 9

Estimated Success Rate: 07%

Recommended Raven Rank: -


Preparations are being made for a massive assault on an old fortress discovered by one of our recon teams.

Our mission objective is to destroy the reactor core that provides power to the facility. Once that is complete, a research team can be sent in to investigate.

Once the investigation begins, it is hoped that we can uncover information that will provide answers to nagging questions. Most importantly, what caused the mass AI equipment malfunction?

We must be proactive in our search for answers if we hope to avoid similar problems in the future.

Aside from the fact that a reactor core powers the fortress, we have no other information to offer regarding the facility's layout or defenses. Proceed with caution.




Emma:Ravens, spread out. We don't know the exact location of the reactor core.

Emma:Destroying the core is top priority.

Emma:Let's move.

Porcupine:Sector A01 clear. There's nothing here.

Emma:Roger, keep looking.

Surface:Sector N16 clear. No sign yet...

Carom:Enemy down. Where to next?

Porcupine:Sector A18 clear. It's impassible!

Ice:Sector M08 clear. There's nothing here!

Calamity:Sector C24 clear.

Emma:Copy that. Keep looking.

Surface:Sector N04 clear.

Emma:Roger that. Continue your search.

Calamity:Sector C-30 clear... Something is wrong with my AC though..

Ice:Sector M20... Enemies spotted... Uahhh!

Emma:All Ravens, Malice is down.

Emma:Careful. Enemy targets ahead.

Carom:I'm out of ammo. Pulling out..

Emma:I copy that Firebird. Clear out.

Porcupine:They've got me surrounded in sector B04...uaahhh!

Emma:Ravens, we just lost Barbed Wire.

Surface:My AC's on fire!

Emma:Ravens, we just lost another pilot.

Emma:Raven, that's the only sector that hasn't been searched.

Calamity:Retreating, my energy gauge isn't recharging!

Emma:The reactor core! Raven, destroy it.


Emma:That voice...?!


Emma:Reactor core destroyed. Good work Raven.


  • None


This is another tough mission of the game. It requires you to navigate through the large fortress while dealing with tons of enemies across the level. There are 2 parts to this mission. The 1st part requires you to reach an elevator which will lead you to another section of the facility. The 2nd part requires you to navigate your way to the main power core. Fortunately, they will resupply your AP & ammo before the second part, which will make it slightly easier for this part.

For the first part, it's best to clear out as many enemies as you can throughout the level or they will continually hinder your progress. Bring high ammo energy weapons that are moderately powerful, like the Karasawa or the XCW/PK laser rifle as most of the enemies here are weaker to energy weapons. If you have OP-INTENSIFY, all the better, you can use back mounted chain guns or laser cannons for the more durable enemies. It is also recommended to have orbit weapons of some sort (for the second part) and also a blade.

So for the first part, you have to first go up the elevator shaft you start at and it will lead you to a door. Head through it and it will lead you to another door where there's a room full of MTs. Use your laser rifle/other arm weapon or blade to destroy them and head through the door on the right of where you came from. This will lead you to yet another, larger room with 3 doors on the upper platform and several MTs and pods on the lower platforms. It is recommended to destroy the pod weapons as they can be a pain if you leave them be. Destroying the MTs are optional though, you can leave them be if you wish.

The center door is the door you have to go through but it is locked. To unlock it, you must first head through the door on the left and right to deactivate the lock. Once you have done that, get out of the room immediately! If you remain in the room, the Trilobite MTs will spawn and peck away at you, it's better to leave them be.

After heading through the second door, it will lead you down a long corridor where there're a bunch of pod weapons. Destroy them and advance through the door on the other end. There're more durable MTs in this room, you can either leave them or destroy them (though it's recommended to destroy the MT barring the door at the end). Once done, you will then enter a room where you face a bunch of Trilobite MTs that comes in 4 per wave, 1 by 1. Use your laser rifle or any other weapon of your kind to destroy them. Normally if you take a longer time to kill them, more of them will spawn. If you kill them quickly, a 2nd wave will spawn but only 3 of them appear. Destroy them and head through the next door. The next room also has the same 4 Trilobite MTs per wave. Do the same as you did for the previous room and it will lead you to a short corridor with 2 pods. Destroy them and head through the door and it will lead you the elevator that will take you to the second part of the mission.

Now, in the second part, your AP & ammo are refilled. More enemies will spawn in this level and it's recommended to keep moving and mowing them down as you go.

The first room you enter will contain a bunch of high-end MTs and a grenade launcher MT. Move them out of the way and this will lead you down several other doors and corridors. After that, you will stumble upon yet another corridor, this time with several pod weapons. Destroy them all and head through the door at the end. Along the way, a biped MT will stand in your way. Kill him and move on to the next room. The next room will have 3 grenade launcher MTs. You can either ignore them or kill them. Head through the door on the far left of the room and there will be another biped MT blocking you. Kill him to get him out of the way and it will lead you to a junction corridor. Head to the door located on the right and you will head down another long corridor. At the end of this corridor is an elevator room with more pod MTs. Destroy them and head down the elevator.

Down the elevator it will lead you to another long corridor, this time sloping up. At the end of this corridor is where the power core is located. However, there's a slight problem: a Big White is guarding it! Although it's not compulsory to destroy this Big White, it may spell doom for you if you have already taken a suicidal amount of damage earlier. If you choose to destroy it, deploy your orbit cannons if you have them and strafe about, as it's possible to make the Big White shoot at the core. If you have OP-INTENSIFY, use your back cannons like a chain gun or laser cannon and rain down hell on it. If you don't think you can handle it however, simply fire/slash away at the core (it's also possible to make the Big White fire at it). Once the core is destroyed, the mission is over.


  • Asides from you and Carom (and possibly Calamity), every other Raven in this mission perishes in battle.
  • The Big White at the end doesn't have to be destroyed to complete the mission.
  • By completing the second part of the mission under 2 minutes & 40 seconds, you will unlock the back part KM-AD30.
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