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Destroy Radar Base is a mission in Armored Core 2 and is a two-part level.


Requester: LCC

Advance: 0

Upon success: 54000

Theater of operations: Zamda Military Base

Enemy forces: MTs

Objective: Destroy main computer

File No: T-TA-0976

Code Name: Rush Hour

Client: LCC

Opponent: Emeraude

Place: Zamda Military Base

Weather: Cloudy

Mission Start Time: 14:10

Estimated Success Rate: 56%


We've just learned that Emeraude has regained control of Zamda
Military Base, which we captured in cooperation with Balena Corp. They
seem prepared to fight us for control.

We'll be executing a counter attack on Zamda Base. We need to gather
forces and erase the Emeraude from Zamda once and for all. We are
asking for you participation in this assault.

Your mission is to destroy the facility's main computer. Doing so will
disable the entire base and give Emeraude no means with which to
continue the battle.

Even though their forces are depleted, they are still a formidable
opponent. Be prepared for resistance.

This will be the final military assault on Emeraude. Total
annihilation is our only option.



  • 1 Resupply Plane


Nell: "The lock may take some time. Destroy all enemies located outside."

Nell: "We will re-supply you. The gate has been unlocked. They’re probably waiting for you. Proceed with care."

Nell: "The computer room is just ahead."

Raven: "We are both Ravens. No hard feelings, right?"

Raven: ""

Nell: "Well done. Let’s leave the rest up to the others."


The first part is pretty easy, you just have to kill off all enemies in the level. One that is done, you get a resupply. Afterwards, you will proceed to the second part of the mission which is the main part.

The 2nd part involves you having to make it past several MTs & gun turrets. It's actually better to just ignore them, but if they are proving too troublesome, then get rid of them. Once you reach the level, make your way to the end, where you end up facing Bulk. He must be destroyed to complete the mission this time however. It isn't really that hard to get rid of him either, although do watch out for his slug gun, as it can overheat you in just one shot.


  • There is a secret back weapon (EWM-S612) in this mission. It is in the far east of the roof top in one of the six storage sheds.
  • Even if you destroy the main computer you still have to destroy Bulk.



Armored Core 2 Destroy Radar Base


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