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Destroy Receiving Base is one of two choices for the ninth mission in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.


Requester: Sumika

Reward: 31000

Location: Underground "Rectenna" facility

Mission: Defeat the detachment

Mission Place: Receiving Antenna System

Mission Code Name: Chessboard

Start Time: 1445


In order to occupy the Amber Crown "Rectenna" facility, the Doomsday
Organization has deployed a detachment.

The purpose of this facility is to convert electric power to
microwaves to be used by their satellite system. If they occupy this
facility, we have a problem.

Defeat all opposing forces. By the way, any underground condensers
that are destroyed will be deducted from your pay.

The microwaves can be strong in certain areas above the antenna, so be




<Sumika>: "Some of the [Rectenna] facility is underground. Please check everywhere and destroy all opposition."

<Sumika>: "We have confirmed that all opposition has been destroyed."



Armored Core Project Phantasma Destroy Receiving Base

This is a bit of a tricky mission, as there're not only a bunch of enemies to destroy, but also the microwaves emitted by the antenna structure can actually gradually deplete your AP if you stay on top of them for too long. So whatever you do, do not stay above the antenna structure. There're a bunch of helicopters and MTs on the level so take care of them quickly. Once they're down, you then have to head down an elevator room (located on the other side of map). After you descend to the room, you will then find a bunch of Nashorn MTs. They're not dangerous but can be quite annoying to deal with as they tend to stay in between the condensers which can be easily destroyed (and you lose money for it), not to mention the area is very confined, making it easier for your AC to be damaged from the condenser explosions. It's preferable to use high power weapons against them as they can take a certain amount of punishment before being destroyed.


  • You lose 600c for each condenser destroyed.