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Destroy Security Force is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus. It is featured on the Revolution Disc. This mission is a mirrored or reverse version of Eliminate Strikers.


Client: Struggle

Area: Doan Bridge

Enemies: Combat Helos

Objective: Eliminate Security


Struggle operatives have incited workers in Avalon Valley to rise up against Chrome. Our intention is to stem Chrome's relentless drive to secure power over the region.

The hope was that Chrome would lash out without any consideration for their actions, and thereby turn the region's populace against them. So far, this hasn't happened.

The situation cannot be allowed to drag out in its current state, so we've decided to switch tactics and go on the offensive. If we destroy Chrome's security units, we can expose their vulnerability.

Head to the bridge and help the workers accomplish this task. Take care not to injure any workers, as this would reflect poorly on our movement.





Hidden Part[]

The inside decoy CR-I94DD2 is obtainable on this mission. To obtain it, finish the mission with all friendlies still alive. Rank does not matter.