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Destroy Support Supplies is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.



Operator:Destroy as many of the supply containers as you can. Work quickly.

Operator:Minimum destruction quota achieved. Please continue as time permits.

Operator:Raven, times up.

Operator:Head out, you did well.

Operator:Outstanding work. Enjoy your bonus.


The goal of this mission is to destroy all the supply containers on the shelves within 2 minutes. The MTs and ceiling-mounted turrets are annoying and should be destroyed to keep the player's damage levels low. The only real difficulty lies in seeking out the containers in time. To help matters, ensure that each row of container shelves is made empty before proceeding to the next. The containers are coloured in drab grey-brown, making them blend into the environment to some degree, so keep your eyes focused.

Not all the supplies need to be destroyed as there is a minimum quota. However, destroying all of the containers will end the mission immediately and provide a bonus (worth 30 000 credits). A lightweight AC with a machine gun will enable to complete this mission easily.

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