Destroy The Pulverizer is the last mission in Armored Core: Last Raven, unlockable as a free mission after completing all other missions.


Requester: Unknown

Operation Area: Internecine

Objective: Destroy the Pulverizer

Reward: 600,000c S-Rank AC part - CRH06SR2


"Greetings Last Raven, this is a mission request that only someone with your qualifications can hope to accomplish"

"Although the Internecine was shutdown, an aerial Pulverizer unit has appeared in the underground facility. It must be destroyed."

"The target is a highly proficient killing machine, but I'm still confident you can win. Good Luck."


☆new type Pulverizer/Airborne


AC SetupEdit

Quad-leg, with great mobility, decent energy supply, and decent energy defense, equipped with an LX cannon and ORC(left).


You start with the Pulverizer almost immediately above you. First, you need to enter 1st-person perspective: bring up the pause menu and press start and select simultaneously; if it works you will be taken immediately off pause and into 1st-person. Waiting a moment may draw the Pulverizer to you through an attempted blade attack; a chance to duck out and have a potential counter. When fighting, don't wait for a lock-on, stay on the ground and strike when possible with both weapons. The Pulverizer has blade attacks that you can take advantage of by pulling back for a possible counter, laser fire (blue) of both rifle-like and cannon-like variety, a quick-fire laser (red) that is seemingly impossible to dodge but leaves it stationary, a burst of homing lasers (green); try to pull them around you, and large-beam fire (orange), in which it draws an impenetrable shield and subsequently fires off five shots, one after another; dodge by making a little distance and moving left to right, preferably while airborne. It may take a few attempts, but if you keep at it, you might just win. S-rank should be easy enough to achieve, I think.

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