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Destroyer Flea is name for the queen organism of the Scouter Flea that appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age.

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Destroyer Flea

The Destroyer Flea is a larger, more powerful version of her worker species.


The Destroyer Flea is a massive Biological Weapon. It appears to be a six-legged flea, around four times the size of an AC. Its only weapons are a rapid-fire energy weapon that it uses from a distance and a purple flamethrower that it uses when the enemy comes up close. Both weapons are fired from the mouth. Due to being biological the enemy cannot lock on to this unit unless it is equipped with a bio sensor. She also cannot be seen on the radar. Unlike her children however she is much less mobile, basically stationary and her massive size makes her an easy target.


  • Rapid-fire energy weapon
  • Purple Flamethrower


The Destroyer Flea appears only in the mission Eliminate Biological Menace as an enemy.