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The Devastator as seen in Armored Core Nexus

The Devastator was Armored Core's first Massive MT. The unit was secretly developed by Chrome.


In Armored Core[]

The Devastator was Armored Core's first massive MT, it is bipedal in appearance and at least five times the size of an AC. The unit is armed with two multi-missile launchers with one mounted on each side of the sphere like head, though it appears to have at least 6 launchers as each side has 3 of these launcher like designs. The right arm is armed with a large plasma rifle and the left arm is equipped with an integrated grenade launcher. It also possesses giant boosters on the back that allows it to move fairly quick for a unit of its size.

In Nexus[]

Towering over any AC, the Devastator is a slow but powerful machine. It's equipment is the same between Armored Core and Nexus' remake, consisting of two machine guns on the body, a grenade launcher in each arm, and two multi-missile launchers on the body. This makes the Devastator brutal in combat and can quickly defeat an unwary adversary.


In Armored Core[]

With the right equipment (namely the KARASAWA and PLUS) the Devastator is a pushover, capable of being


The Devastator as seen in the original Armored Core

wiped out in little to no time. However without powerful weapons or PLUS, the Devastator becomes a challenge. If you are having trouble, a cheap and easy way to defeat it is to hide within the tunnel that you arrive in, and wait for the Devastator to destroy itself from the splash damage of the grenade launchers. Also, given enough time, the Devastator will approach the main doorway should you reenter the facility in here, it can't get attack you but you can it, making it easy to destroy.

In Nexus[]

Due to the lack of PLUS, the KARASAWA becoming weaker and thermal stress, the Devastator becomes a greater threat. However, heavier weapons will still crack this MT but don't rely on energy, the Grenades will quickly overheat an AC. Missiles are a powerful alternative as an agile AC can avoid the majority of attacks while countering with missiles. Another alternative is to use the PIXIE3 machine gun, the CR-WH79M2 machine gun, and the Exceed Orbits of the CR-C98E2 and use all three at once (equip anti missile extensions for good measure). As long as you avoid most of its attack, it will be brought down very quickly.

Another tactic that could be done is to get far away from the Devastator and attack using a sniper rifle. In the process, not only does its missiles not home in on you, but it sometimes hurts the MT. This is effective if going for an S rank.


Appearing in Mop Up Chrome Remnants, the Devastator appears after exiting the base, destroying the transport and then attacking the player. Due to it appearing at a Chrome base, it can safely be assumed that it was built by Chrome. Ultimately, the Devastator was destroyed by the Raven, causing Chrome to fall further into disarray.



  • In the concept art released with Nexus' Revolution disk, the Devastator was shown with a gun on one hand and cannons on the shoulders. This matches it's appearance in Armored Core while it was fairly changed in Nexus.
  • Name comes from Armored Core concept art released in Armored Core: Nexus' Revolution Disk.
  • It is possible to jump on to it.
  • The unit was originally designed as a powered suit.