Armored Core Wiki
Dill Emblem
General information
Classification Raven
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Rank 16
Craft AC Pickle
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: Project Phantasma

Dill is a Raven seen in Armored Core: Project Phantasma. He is ranked #16 in the Arena.


Piloting a speedy and energy-efficient AC, he battles for the sheer fun of it.

AC Pickle[]

AC Pickle

Pickle is a middleweight two-legged AC equipped with a chain gun, large rocket, KARASAWA plasma rifle and the MOONLIGHT laser blade. Due to Human PLUS enhancements he can fire his chain gun while moving and is capable of firing blade waves. The unit is also capable of ignoring weight restrictions.


He is yet another fly-happy PLOW AC, on top of that he also uses 2 of the most powerful arm weapons in the game: the KARASAWA and the Moonlight. Like most PLUS users, he will also fire killer blade waves from his moonlight when he gets a chance, so don't let him hit you with that. His sawa is undoubtedly his main calling card so avoiding hits from that will help greatly. His large rockets can be devastating if they hit so take care to not get hit by that either. He usually only resorts to the chain gun if he's running low on ammo for his rockets or sawa, so that isn't a primary concern. In terms of AP and defense, he's actually quite well-armored for a midweight AC, so weapons like his Sawa or other hard-hitting weapons would do great against him. Also coupled with the fact that he uses the Starter booster (for some reason), he won't be as fast as you think he is.