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Disable Satellite Cannon is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Mirage

Advance: 0

Upon success: 56000c

Operation Area: Space Satellite

Enemy Forces: Converter MTs x 3, High-end MTs x 6

Objective: Destroy energy generators

Operation Code: Inoculation

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: Space Satellite

Start Time: 01:00

Security Level: 8

Estimated Success Rate: 18%

Recommended Raven Rank: A


"Raven, if you've received this request you are one of the select few chosen to assist us on an upcoming assignment. Our objective is to remove the threat posed by the satellite cannon.

The systems that operate the cannon are malfunctioning and it's creating havoc on the planet's surface.

Your goal is to locate the generators that supply energy to the cannon and destroy them. Heavy resistance is expected, so work closely with the other Ravens we've hired.

We only have one shot at this, make sure everything goes as planned."




Announcement: "Intruders detected. Activating countermeasures."

Shade: "Gate lock released. I'm moving up."

Shade: "Requesting mission update."

Rotation: "Everything okay?"

Ice: "They're everywhere, I can't move!"

Ice: "I need an update! What's our status?"

Rotation: "I'm being overrun!"

Rotation: "They're everywhere!"'

Rotation: "I'm hit..."'

Emma: "It's locked."'

Emma: "Raven, I'll see if I can unlock it from here."'

Emma: "I got it Raven. You can move up."'

Shade: "I'm going after the generators now."'

Shade: "We have to hurry!"'

Emma: "Objective achieved. Good work Raven."'

Announcement: "System reactivation in three minutes."

Announcement: "System reactivation in one minute."


  • Shade - Mandatory consort


This is one of the tougher missions throughout the game. You will encounter several enemies across the level and it's recommended to have a laser blade equipped, preferably the Moonlight blade or any other potent blade of your own. It is also recommended to bring high DPS weapons including machine guns, missiles or rockets to deal with the enemies.

Once the mission starts, head to the door on your right, you will encounter some turrets and a tank-like unmanned weapon. Use your rockets/missles/blade to take care of them. Along the way, you will head down a rather long, hexagonal corridor, where there're 2 unmanned tank weapons. Clear them out and it will lead you to another room, full of Kainos MTs. It's possible to blade them through the door if they try to converge on you, so don't enter the room yet. Use your blade to try slashing them through the door and don't let them hit you with their blades. Use your rockets to finish them off if they try to hide from you.

Once this room is clear, you will head through another room with a turret and unmanned tank. Destroy them and it will lead you to another room filled with Kainos MTs & turrets. Like you did for the previous room of Kainos MTs, try to slash them through the door if they try to get close to you. Once they're out of the way, use your arm weapon or rockets to destroy the 4 turrets inside the room. Once done, the gate leading you to the generator room is unlocked. Shade will then rendezvous with you there.

Now that both of you are inside, an unmanned AI AC appears and attacks you both simultaneously. This AC is extremely dangerous, possessing OP-INTENSIFY, hefty defense and firepower and is surprisingly agile even for a heavyweight biped AC. Unleash your missiles or high DPS weapons on him, Shade will also assist you in taking down the AC so it will help greatly. Having OP-INTENSIFY yourself would also do wonders, as you can then punish the AC with your powerful back cannons of your own like chain guns, laser cannons or even grenade launchers. Do note however, that this AC has the CROW stealth extensions, which it will use at regular intervals, so be very careful as you may lose lock of it while fighting it.

Once the AC has been defeated, use the remaining ammo you have left or your blade to destroy the generators in the room (there are a total of 16 generators to destroy).

It is not compulsory to destroy the AI AC to finish the mission though, you just need to destroy the 16 generators to do so. However, it is still recommended to destroy it as it will net you a cash bonus & a bonus part if Shade lives.


  • The Satellite AI AC doesn't have to be destroyed for the mission to be completed.
  • Can obtain the back part MWR-TM/30. Destroy the enemy AC with your consort alive. You will also get an additional 10000 cash bonus for destroying the AC.
  • In the portable version, can obtain the rigth arm part CWG-KP/200. It is located on the top left 2nd to last generator.