Distract Security Team is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core


Requester: Mirage

Advance: 0

Upon success: 8000c

Operation Area: B-17 Superhighway

Enemy Forces: Security MTs, Other (Unknown)

Objective: Distract tunnel security

Operation Code: Elephant

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: B-17 Superhighway

Start Time: 17:00

Security Level: 5

Estimated Success Rate: 62%

Recommended Raven Rank: D


Thanks to the efforts of one of our operatives, we've confirmed that Crest possesses information about the Silent Line. Plans are under way to intercept the transport carrying this information.

We'll launch our attack on the transport as it enters a tunnel on the B-17 Superhighway. Your presence is required to deal with the civil defense team in charge of highway security.

Keep the security forces occupied so they don't interfere with the efforts of our recovery team. I can't stress the importance of this mission enough Raven, don't let us down.


*Shooting Star only appears if you destroy too many cars/vehicles. When he is encountered, the MTs will not spawn.


Mirage Team Leader: Raven, find a way to get their attention.

Driver: Uehh...

Driver: Whaa!

Security Chief: Disturbance detected. Seal off section B-26.

Security Chief: Send in security teams 1 & 2.(if the player destroys a few vehicles)

Security Chief: I'm sending in the Raven we hired.(if the player destroys over 10 vehicles)

Mirage Team Leader: Security elements are on scene.(when the MTs show up)

Shooting Star: Moving into position.(if the player ends up destroying several cars)

Mirage Team Leader: An AC...? We didn't expect this.(when Shooting Star shows up instead of the MTs)

Security Team Leader: Wahhh!

Shooting Star: Muahh!(if he is killed)

Mirage Team Leader: Operation successful. Thanks for your help.

Consort Edit

Funds: 7000c

Note: Eclair, Ronin, and Foreman are still MT pilots in this mission.


This can be either a really easy mission or a really tricky mission. Because the enemies that spawn are dependent on how many vehicles you destroy in the level. Often times, after destroying about 7-8 cars, the security chief will then seal off the sector you're in. Then a squad of MTs will show up, they're quite durable but rather easy to hit, so it's not very hard to defeat them.

However, if you happen to destroy more than 10 or more cars, then the MTs will not spawn. Instead, the ranking Arena Raven Shooting Star will appear. This is the tricky part of the mission. Shooting Star in this mission is far more aggressive in his patterns and will actively attack you, using his EO core frequently, unlike in the Arena where he rarely moves and attacks. The area in which you face is also confined, which makes it harder to avoid his constant fire. If you are still at a beginner level, it's advised to not destroy more than 10 cars, as Shooting Star can actually destroy unwary newcomers in this mission. But for a more experienced player, Shooting Star isn't really too difficult of a foe. He has good firepower but has limited mobility and energy, not to mention since he's a lightweight AC which makes him rather fragile. Normally, Shooting Star will start off the battle by unleashing an early barrage of gunfire from his pulse rifle and EO, which would often drain his energy rapidly, at which point he will switch to his rockets that are easier to avoid. Fire away at him when he is using his rockets, and strafe constantly to avoid his shots.

There's no real recommended setup to face Shooting Star though, usually most weapons can put him down easy, as he is still not exactly at full health in this mission. The only problem lies in evading his shots, having a high AP/defense AC will help.


  • By completing the mission fast and destroying more than 10 cars and also destroying Shooting Star under a minute, you will unlock the arm part CAW-SDBZ-108.
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