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Doral - Emblem
General information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Global Cortex
Occupation Raven
Rank D-8
Craft AC Crossback
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 3

Doral is a Raven in Armored Core 3. He is ranked D-8 in the Arena.


Doral was the Raven hired by Union to infiltrate and investigate Sector 513. Escorting an expedition of MTs, he started piecing together The Controller's malfunctioning. Crest realized the potential threat posed by this pilot and hired The Raven to ensure that none escaped the area alive. He was defeated by The Raven within the deepest area of Sector 513.

AC Crossback | Black Cross[]

AC Crossback

AC Crossback

AC Crossback (Black Cross in Japanese, ブラッククロス, Burakku Kurosu) is a lightweight bipedal AC equipped with an exceed orbit core, adhesive mines, anti missile extensions, back mounted radar, small back mounted rocket launcher, machine gun, and energy shield. The unit is built for fast paced mid to close-range combat.



In-Game Information[]

He whittles down opponents using his AC's wide array of weapons in combination with effective hit-and-run tactics. Included among his AC's arsenal is a mine dispenser for setting traps and a machine gun to keep the pressure on.


Doral will usually start off a fight by boosting towards the enemy while firing his rockets before switching over to his machine gun & EO core. His machine gun and EO combo will lay out a stream of gunfire on anything in its path so dodge this. He will occasionally pop adhesive mines to throw you off but it shouldn't be of too much concern. The use of his EO in combination with his machine gun will often drain out his energy, leaving him with no energy to boost or use his shield. Take advantage of this and use your weapons to whittle him down, as Doral has poor defense and durability being a lightweight AC. It should not be hard to bring him down.

In the mission, Doral fights similarly to his Arena style, although he never uses his EO this time around, and rarely uses his mines. Regardless, he is still very much a pushover and should not pose any real threat to any player.