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Dr. ?'s Emblem

Dr. ? is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus. He is ranked 3rd in the Arena.


Dr ? was the Raven that was responsible for helping set up a series of ECM devices to use as a weapon against Mirage. He battled against The Raven in Desert Region 05 before being defeated. He appears in the mission Investigate Phenomenon.

AC Brainwash Edit

Brainwash is a lightweight reverse-jointed AC equipped with inside decoy dispensers, side shield extensions, a linear gun, a machine gun, a sniper rifle and an overboost core. The unit is equipped with OP-INTENSIFY, allowing it fire its back mounted linear gun while moving. The unit is also overweight, but the OP-I attributes render this a nonissue.
AC Brainwash

AC Brainwash



In-Game InformationEdit

A highly mobile reverse-joint design. The pilot is a skilled aerial combatant who uses the AC unit's sniper rifle to great effect.


The unit's main strategy lies in taking to the skies while firing down at you with his weapons. The unit's main threat lies in its sniper rifle as it's highly accurate and get hit you at least twice at once (the rifle can fire 2 shots in a row) and has decent damage per hit, dodging or having high shell defense will alleviate this problem. He is also equipped with hi-act missiles but these can be dodged rather easily. He also has a machine gun which he uses along with his sniper rifle so it's not recommended to engage in close combat with him. He has a lineargun which he can use while moving, but isn't seen using it often and he's not as accurate with this weapon as he is with his sniper rifle, so this shouldn't be too much of a concern.

Besides that, his AC is quite fragile and easy to break apart. Dual machine guns combined with a solid shell EO core work best against him, preferably with the CR-WH79M2 machine guns as they have an insane amount of attack power for a machine gun and can even be dual-wielded. An EO core like the CR-C98E2 core will also mesh well with the machine guns. Other rapid fire weapons besides machine guns like assault rifles or laser rifles can break him apart easily as well. Missiles are viable to use against him too, but do note that he is highly mobile and is also equipped with missile decoys, so use the missiles sparingly.

In the mission, he will encountered alongside a few MTs and the targets you need to destroy. It is recommended to take out the 4 generators in the area and MTs first before dealing with him. Since the mission takes place in a map where ECM interference is rather high, good ECM resistance is vital. Dr. ? has OP-I, so he's hardly fazed by the ECM, meaning he can still hit you quite hard while you're handicapped without a lock-on, which is why it is very important to take out the 4 generators that are producing the ECM first.


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