Armored Core Wiki
Part Type Arms
Type Small Missile
Price 99000
Manufacturer Emeraude
Weight 1275
Energy Drain 377
Armor Points 1310
Weapon Lock Standard
Attack Power 780
Number of Ammo 80
Ammo Type Solid
Ammo Price 140
Ammo Heat 145 (AC2)
148 (AA)
Range 450
Maximum Lock 4
Reload Time 41 (AC2)
34 (AA)
Usage Drain 0
Extension TP Provided
Cooling 187

The EAW-S604 is an arm part that first appeared in Armored Core 2 and later in Armored Core 2: Another Age.

Part Description[]

Rapid fire missile with fast lock.


This part can be bought in the shop. It is in the shop from the beginning of both games it appears in.

Notable Users[]

Armored Core 2

Armored Core 2: Another Age


  • This part got a stat increase in Armored Core 2: Another Age. Its Reload Time was shortened from 41 to 34 and its Ammo Heat increased from 145 to 148.
  • In Armored Core 3, this part is replicated as the CAW-DS604.