Armored Core Wiki
Part Type Core
Price 105000
Manufacturer Emeraude
Weight 1516
Energy Drain 884
Armor Points 3008
Def Shell 664
Def Energy 603
Defensive Points 1267
Maximum Weight 3842
VS-MG-Response 38
VS-MG-Angle 50
Optional Slots 8
Over Boost 119 (AC2)
141 (AA)
OB Power 2000
OB Energy Drain 18000
Discharge Heat (AA Only) 1420
OB Limit 3000 (AC2)
1500 (AA)
Cooling 398

The ECH-D4 is a core part that first appeared in Armored Core 2 and later in Armored Core 2: Another Age.

Part Description[]

High defense but very few slots.


This part can be bought in the shop. In Armored Core 2 it is added to to the shop after an Email from Nell. In Armored Core 2: Another Age it is in the shop from the beginning of the game.


Armored Core 2[]

Armored Core 2 Another Age[]


  • This part got a stat increase in Armored Core 2: Another Age. Its OB Limit was decreased from 3000 to 1500 and its overall Over Boost performance was raised from 119 to 141. This was probably due to the introduction of the Discharge Heat stat only appearing in Another Age.
  • This is the heaviest core part and the one with the lowest Energy Drain, highest Def Shell, highest Def Energy, highest Defensive Points, highest Maximum Weight, lowest Over Boost and the lowest number of Optional Slots in both games it appears in. It also has the lowest OB Power and OB Energy Drain in both games. Also in terms of OB Energy Drain it is tied with the ECM-XROO.