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EX300 Emblem
General information
Classification Raven
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Rank 17
Craft AC SVC-4500
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: Master of Arena

EX300 is a Raven that appears in the Armored Core: Master of Arena Extra Arena. He is ranked #17 in the Master Arena.


A skilled mechanic, whose fascination with ACs led him to join the Ravens. Uses self-designed parts.

AC SVC-4500[]

AC SVC 4500

AC EX300

SVC-4500 is a middleweight four-legged AC equipped with small missile launcher on both shoulders and cannon weapon arms. Due to the Human PLUS enhancements of the pilot the unit can launch into battle overweight.


Even though he is ranked low in the Master Arena, he is not only the toughest AC in the EX Arena, but it is one of the hardest fights in the series, comparable even to the likes of Nine-Ball Seraph and Final Zinaida.

EX300's primary weapons are the AW-R/4 cannon arms. They fire rapid bazooka rounds that deal massive damage and stun, making it nearly impossible to escape him, or even move at all, when caught in his constant volleys. Nabeshima uses the same weapon arms but doesn't abuse them like EX300 does. He also likes to fly around a lot, despite being a quad leg AC. Fighting him in the parking lot deals with this issue, but it hardly makes the fight any easier, his high defense and AP adding insult to injury.

This is one of the few battles in Armored Core where luck plays a key part. The best thing to do would be to keep your distance as much as you can and equip long range hard-hitting weapons. After he is defeated, his weapon arms are unlocked. Turning them against him might even the playing field, but he must first be beaten without them.

Another key detail is to remember that most Quad-Leg ACs have very poor shell defenses. Equipping the WG-AR1000 is a good idea to deal damage to him, though his constant boost-hopping makes hitting him difficult. Going in full-heavyweight is also a surprisingly effective strategy, as heavy AC parts can tank his AW-R/4 blasts and leave him with no ammo (Though you should still make an effort to avoid his attacks as well). Once his cannon arms are drained dry, his missiles are incredibly weak and easy to avoid by comparison, letting you finish him off with impunity.

There's actually an easy way of beating EX300. Since he likes flying, go to an open Arena map like the moon base. Jet upward as high as you can without leaving the mission area. He will follow you and attempt to fly even higher to get above you. He will fly out of bounds and you win the battle. An example of this trick can be seen here.



  • Despite the ranking number, he is actually one of the toughest of all opponents in Armored Core: Master of Arena, alongside ACE.