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EZ-06 Argus
General information
Classification Vehicle
Appearances Armored Core V

The EZ-06 Argus, otherwise known simply as the Argus, is a heavily armed and armored train that appears in Armored Core V under the command of the City Police.

It first appears as a two-car special target in Story Mission 01, and later as the main enemy of Story Mission 02. It finally appears for the last time in Story Mission 08 as a standard, highly-dangerous enemy.


The Argus is a modified armored train used predominantly by Father and his City Police, and later by the Corporation.

Often seen along Alloy Gate's vast network of railways, the Argus--depending on the situation--can be outfitted to complete a variety of tasks; from resource delivery, to the transfer of important (or sometimes top secret) goods. In most cases, the Argus was used to carry supplies from one location to another within Father's realm. However, the Argus, despite its design, can be outfitted for combat use, as seen by its previous owners.

In spite of its familiarity and frequent appearances in Alloy Gate's railways, the EZ-06 Argus has only been seen by the Resistance in three configurations: a two-car system that was used to transfer special cargo, a sixteen car heavily-armed combat model that was used by the City Police against the Resistance early in their campaign; and lastly, a three-car armed variant that was used to hinder the Resistance's escape after the dissolution of Father's rule by their own benefactors.

However, despite its compatibility for optimisation and the wealth of weapons at its disposal, the Argus--on all three occasions--was no match for The Raven.

It is unknown what happened to the EZ-06 Argus transport after the Second Rebellion. It is often speculated that it was considered obsolete and no longer used. In most cases, it simply had no place as a mobile weapons platform in the lawless world of subsequent mercenary brawls, and was possibly used thereafter as a heavy, mobile defense platform of key locations or to ferry cargo--as it was initially designed.

The Argus (or a future rendition of it) is seen in the underground Big D Tunnels of Alloy Gate, either under service of the Sirius Corporation, or another of the Three Forces.


  • AP: ??
  • KE: 1000
  • CE: 2000
  • TE: 100 Weakness


The Argus is armed with a variety of weapons geared toward mid and long-range engagements.

  • 2 TR-Missile Launchers
  • 4 TR-Grenade Cannons
  • 2 TR-B Cannon Turrets (Autocannons)
  • 1 TR-H Angle Mortar Launcher
  • Built in missile systems (Multiple, found throughout the transport's cars, 16-Car only)
  • Multiple point-defense TR-Gatling turrets (Two-Car version only)


The EZ-06 Argus is an extremely deadly enemy, being not only well armed and armoured, but also fast--even easily outpacing a lightweight AC when moving at full speed.

Story Mission 01[]

Even during Story Mission 01, the poorly armed transport can deal nasty damage to the player's AC if it is caught under a constant barrage of its Grenade Cannons or multitude of Gatling turrets. While the train does periodically get stuck on several barriers throughout the tunnel, it is not recommended to get to close to the front or rear, as the train is armed with two pairs of grenade launchers.

To make matters worse, depending on the player's actions, they will also have to contend with either the City Police (Unit 11) or Zodiac (No.7). These enemies, respective of each other, will only serve to distract you from your real target--the train.

To take the train down easily, either equip high power CE or any TE weapons, or use a heavy AC and boost charge the train's cars when it becomes stuck on one of the barriers. One boost charge from a tank AC for each car will destroy them, or two from a heavyweight bipedal will suffice.

In terms of weapons, HEAT howitzers, HEAT Rockets, Battle Rifles, Missiles for CE damage will work fine; while Pulse guns, laser blades, pulse machine guns and high-power Laser rifles will also work (it is recommended to use energy amplifiers when using TE weapons, for increased damage).

Story Mission 02[]

In Story Mission 02, the Argus proves to be much more of threat, having ten of its sixteen cars armed with heavy weaponry--one of which carries a rather powerful Mortar Howitzer. At full operational capacity, the Argus is more than a match for most AC's with its vast array of weaponry.

Although the Argus increases in speed once 5 of its weapons have been destroyed, destroying 5 of the train's cars will disable the train and prevent it from moving. A frontal assault or close-combat from the front of the train is NOT recommended as it rams the player's AC, draining their AP very quickly. Even an assault on the side of the train can be dangerous, as the train's point-defense gatlings and autocannons can whittle away the player's AP in rapid succession. The player must also be wary of the front or rear of the train, as its grenade launchers can deal significant damage. Also, pay attention to the train's missile launchers (equipped or installed) as they will repeatedly launch salvo's at the players AC in an attempt to discourage them. Beware of the train's mortar, as getting hit by it will effectively stun the player's AC long enough to leave them open for more attacks by its other weapons.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing about it is not the train itself, but the enemies surrounding it. The train will use the single length of railway that runs through the executive sector, and throughout the missions' level, a wealth of enemies will be there to bar the player's advance to the trains location as it stops at various parts of the track. Entering in combat with either the Speers, Aves's or Shchits is promptly discouraged, as they serve more as a distraction than anything else, focus on the train only.

To combat the Argus a weapon that can be fired blindly, such as howitzer and/or rockets of either type (CE or KE) would serve as an adequate quick flush solution when in close-range combat with the target train. As with the Story Mission 01 version, either CE or TE weapons (or both) will often work well against it, although high power KE weapons (anything with higher than 1000 damage) will be sufficient as well. In addition, such weapons (like a pulse machine gun) are a good choice if the player wishes to achieve some of the subquests (i.e. disarming the entire train), as they possess a very thin cone of fire.

Story Mission 08[]

The Argus returns one final time as a standard enemy about half-way through the mission--during the evacuation of Resistance forces. During this part of the mission, the player must defend the large number of Stork aircraft from enemy forces, including the single Argus in the area, along with the vast number of Ammon, Shchits and Aves. This version is a simple, three-car configuration armed with a missile launcher, mortar and grenade cannons.

This part of the mission, as the incredible amount of enemies will surely cause the player to burn through much of their remaining ammo. In addition, these enemies will be constantly attacking the Stork choppers, so point-defense is a must.

In most cases, destroying the Argus is a necessity, as it will easily destroy the four choppers that land near the railway. However, it is highly recommended that the player remove all other hostile forces before attempting to destroy the train, as leaving the other enemies alone will result in the loss of one or more choppers. The other hostiles should be your main priority, but the Argus should also be a target of opportunity. As soon as there is a break in their assault, go after the train, and as like before, using high power CE or TE weaponry will destroy the train easily.

Once the train has been taken care of, the player can return to defending the defense targets from any remaining enemy forces, or if they too have been all destroyed, simply move on and progress with the evacuation.


  • The transports name, Argus, makes reference to multiple subjects, such as a giant, a king and an automobile, among many other things, including an aircraft and even ships.
  • In Armored Core: Verdict Day, the Argus or a similar transport is used in the Big D Tunnel network to ferry important resources. On the multiplayer map, the train can be seen carrying either explosive fuel or a certain energy source.