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Mission icon Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons
General information
Classification Cannons
Appearances Armored Core 4,
Armored Core: For Answer

The Ehrenberg Anti-Satellite Cannons are an array of anti-orbital laser cannons appearing in Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer


Originally constructed by the Rayleonard company, the Ehrenberg Anti-Satellite Cannons are large anti-orbital laser cannons in Antarctica. They were eventually seized by the ORCA Brigade as a means of executing the Closed Plan after the dissolution of Rayleonard.

The ORCA planned to use the cannons to destroy the web of Assault Cells that were blocking humanity's path to space, but did not have sufficient power to activate the cannons without redirecting power from the Cradle System.


The Ehrenburg is tall rectangular tower protected by four High Intensity Laser cannons positioned atop four smaller towers surrounding the central structure. Its primary energy grid is protected by a high density Primal Armor, and is quite difficult to destroy.

Final Fate[]

During the events of Armored Core: For Answer, the final fate of the Ehrenberg cannons depends on the actions of the player. If they choose to side with the ORCA Brigade, they are tasked with redirecting power from the Cradles' Arteria Facilities to power the anti-satellite cannons. This forces the Cradles to initiate an emergency landing, but at the same time clears mankind's path into outer space.

If the player chooses to side with the League, they are given the option to attack the Ehrenberg array directly, destroying each cannon. Even if the player does not accept the mission to destroy the array, ORCA is eventually eliminated and unable to execute the Closed Plan.



  • The cannons in ACFA are far easier to destroy than the one encountered in AC4, with a single blade strike being sufficient to destroy each structure. This is primarily because the ACFA Ehrenberg cannons lack the Primal Armor found in AC4.
  • The cannons that appear in ACFA are surrounded by what appears to be barren earth and liquid water, rather than the frozen landscape of Antarctica. This could suggest either dramatic climate change, or the presence of Ehrenberg cannons outside of Antarctica, although both are possible.