Eliminate Bio Weapon is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Kisaragi

Advance: 0

Upon success: 33000c

Operation Area: Vilius Laboratory

Enemy Forces: Unknown

Objective: Destroy biological weapon

Operation Code: Grow Up

Client Name: Kisaragi

Place Name: Vilius Laboratory

Start Time: 04:45

Security Level: 7

Estimated Success Rate: 20%

Recommended Raven Rank: B


"Raven, an emergency situation is unfolding at Vilius Laboratory. The scientists working there lost control of a biological weapons experiment and now it's on the loose

Our scientists, along with their security detail, radioed headquarters to inform us that they were attempting to evacuate the facility. That was the last we heard from them.

Removing the threat posed by the biological weapon is your top priority, but should you encounter our employees, help them as best you can.

We plan to send in reinforcements to help bring the situation under control, but it will be some time before they reach the lab. You'll be on your own until then.



Emma: "So much damage... What happened?"

Emma: "What is that?! Raven, destroy it!"

Emma: "A temperature increase has triggered the security system."

Emma: "Raven, incoming transmission!"

Recovery Team: "Raven, we're in trouble, we need help!"

Lab scientist: "Oh my god!"

Recovery Team: "Uaahhh!"

Lab Scientist: "!"

Emma: "Mission target destroyed. Good work."


This mission can be taken either as an extra mission or a separate mission. Either way, you'll have to move fast. The floating bio-weapons in the mission aren't your primary targets but it's still better to get rid of them as you will come back the same way where you came from, and if you don't get rid of them they will continue to bother you, so it's better to clear them out from the get-go.

Your job here is to find your way to the innermost section of the facility, where there is a gigantic bio weapon (which appears to be the producer of the smaller units). This gigantic bio weapon is extremely dangerous, as it cause abrupt temperature spikes inside the room and overheat you. Get rid of all the smaller units in the room as well or you're in big trouble. The gigantic bio weapon is very durable and can absorb many hits. But whatever you do, do not attack it from the front! The unit has a ludicrously powerful plasma weapon on the front that can take off an insane amount of damage if it hits, so never, ever attack it from the front. It's recommended to use a powerful melee weapon like the Moonlight to take care of it. Slash away at it repeatedly until its dead.

Once that gigantic weapon is gone, you then receive an urgent message. A cutscene will play out, where you find that there's yet another gigantic bio weapon in the level. The recovery team is destroyed by the weapon and you have to make your way back where you came from to get to the scientists. As opposed to other mission where you have to take the elevator up, in this one you have to take the elevator down to get to the other gigantic bio weapon. Once there, there will also be the smaller units besides the big one that will open fire on you. Destroy the small units and dodge the gigantic bio weapon's attacks. For this part, you can either fire at it's cannon on the front or attempt to outturn it and slash away at it like you did for the first one. If you choose to attack it from the front, keep the hell away from it. Strafe constantly to avoid its plasma barrages and use a high attack weapon like the MWG-XCW/PK laser rifle and blast at its cannon repeatedly. After you destroyed it, the mission is over.


  • If you happen to have taken this is an extra mission from Search Vilius Laboratory, and you manage to protect the scientists from dying, you will obtain the CWR-COTTOS back weapon.
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