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Eliminate Fugitive is the starting mission in Armored Core: Master of Arena.


Sender: Lana Nielsen

Requester: Isaac City Guard

Reward: 32000

Theater of operations: Isaac City Botanical Zone No. 7

Enemy forces: Security MTs (unknown number)

Objective: Capture Fugitive

Mission Area: Isaac City

Mission Scene: Botanical Zone No. 7

Safety Level: 94


We've recieved a request asking for assistance in tracking down an escaped

The fugitive is a chronic corporate hacker. He has hijacked an
Armored Car and locked himself in the Botanical Zone.

He hacked into the facility's security system, and all security MTs are now under his control.

The offensive capability of a single MT is no match for an AC, though they can be a
nuisance when encountered in groups. Immediately destroy all MTs you come
across. The building's structural data has been prepared.

Your goal is to capture the fugitive. You have permission to take him out if necessary.



[Lana Nielsen]: "We are monitoring your status. We’ll contact you if the need arises. As this is your first job, make sure you proceed with care. That is all."

[Lana Nielsen]: "There must be a control device for the gate somewhere... find it and destroy it."

[Hacker]: "Oh no, a Raven! I’m no match for one of them. Don’t shoot me. I’m leaving now. What? Another one... Nine-Ball? What’s the top-ranked Arena AC doing here? Waaaahhh!"

[Hustler One]: "I heard you’ve been looking for me... I don’t care who you are. No one can defeat me!"

[Lana Nielsen]: "He’s the one you’ve been looking for huh? I need to talk to you later. Return to base."


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  • When you find the Fugitive Nine-Ball shows up and destroys his Armored Car.