Eliminate Leos KIein is a mission in Armored Core 2.

Synopsis Edit

Requester: Earth Government

Advance: 86000

Upon success: 0

Theater of operations: Rapture's Core

Enemy forces: AC

Objective: Destroy enemy AC

File No: R-RK-0054

Code Name: Game

Client: Earth Government

Opponent: Special Forces

Place: Rapture

Weather: -

Mission Start Time: 10:45

Estimated Success Rate: 18%

Briefing Edit

We have confirmed Leos Klein's whereabouts. He is located in Rapture's
. We request that you remove him as soon as possible.

Now Rapture's reactor is its heart, if it's destroyed the power it
gathers and supplies to Mars will be lost. In a worst case scenario,
damage to the reactor could destroy Rapture.

Rapture is an important symbol to those living on Mars. It must not be
lost. You gotta remove Klein without destroying Rapture

Help us return peace and order to Mars by eliminating Klein. We'll
await your return.



Nell: "Don’t attack the reactor. If it explodes, it might take you with it."

Klein: "Let’s fight, Raven. We’ll settle this in battle."

In-house Announcement: "High temperature reading in the reactor. Shifting to alert status."

In-house Announcement: "Cleanup and safety teams, verify reactor status. Commence operations ASAP."

Klein: "Let’s fight, Raven. We’ll settle this in battle."

Klein: "LET’s FiGHT, rAVen. wE’ll SeTtLE this iN BATtle."

Klein: "LeT’S fighT, rAVen..."

Nell: "It’s unmanned! Klein isn’t here. Your mission is complete. Let’s head back to base."


This is actually a pretty straightforward yet tricky mission. The only real enemy you face is the fake 'decoy' Klein AC, at the end of the level. The earlier part of the mission only has bombs that can be easily destroyed with a single machine gun round. Navigate your way through the end to find the fake Klein AC. Once you enter the room, the battle will commence. The AC uses a rapid-fire grenade rifle that can stun you if it hits and also uses a blade. Strangely, it never uses its back weapons in battle, not even its extensions or overboost core, despite it likely having PLUS abilities. Also, the reactors that are in the room, destroying them will cause you to lose tons of credits (and this is usually unavoidable as the fake Klein AC tends to seek cover behind the reactors, which will in turn cause it to fire on the reactors itself). But overall, this is actually a rather easy battle. The fake Klein AC isn't at full health and it is actually super easy to put him down. About 2-3 missile salvos from a missile launcher will destroy him in no time, or you can just use the Karasawa to blast him to zero AP. After he's destroyed, the fake Klein malfunctions and explodes, and it's revealed to be an unmanned AC. The mission is already over at this point and you simply return to base.


  • There is a secret generator part (HOY-BV2500) in this mission. It is hidden in the final hallway after the giant circle room. Search the west door to find the part. In order to open the door you need to equip a head with at least a hacking function of 3.
  • You lose 6000 for each reactor destroyed and you can lose a maximum of 72000 by destroying all of them.


Let's Play Armored Core 2 - Eliminate Leos Kline

Let's Play Armored Core 2 - Eliminate Leos Kline

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