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Eliminate Navis Security is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Eliminate Navis Security

Sniper MTs preparing for a defense.


Client: OAE

Details: Remove security units. Destroy all sniper MTs along the route.

Advance: 35400c

Reward: 109000c

Area: Ruga Tunnel

Remarks: --



Operator:They're dug in pretty well here. Watch your back when you get on the ground.

Navis Sniper:All Units, we hold up here.

Operator:Take out the MTs.

Operator:They're using ECMs, watch yourself.


This sortie can be tricky for the unprepared, particularly due to the hazardous terrain. This is the first mission set on the Ruga Tunnel Bridge. It consists of a pair of double-tacked bridges, connected by two tunnels set inside the middle canyon wall. The upper floor consists of a highway, and the lower floor serves as the monorail tracks. To maneuver between the bridges easier, a reverse joint-legged AC with good energy capacity and flight capability is recommended.

Your actual objective is to eliminate the MT83RS Sniper MTs. They are armed with fairly potent sniper rifles, roughly comparable to the standard AC sniper weaponry of your own. Their firing range is just as long reaching as well, but fortunately their accuracy is hampered by the projectile velocity; some active dodging should be enough to avoid their shots when engaging in sniper battles. Their most troublesome aspect, however, is the stun potency, which might pose a problem for the less stable ACs, especially when flying across the bridge gap (remember that falling to the bottom of the canyon will cause a mission failure). In spite of that, these MT are not much of a threat when engaged in open combat - they are slow both to fire and move, and their armor is on the light side.

The Jellyfish unmanned weapons might be ignored, but their presence can still be a nuisance. They are fragile, but do like to execute strafing maneuvers frequently, disorienting your FCS. Whereas they do not possess much firepower, they might become a problem if your attention is occupied with Sniper MTs and you let yourself become surrounded by the Jellyfish.

There are multiple ways to clear this mission. If you want to partake in sniper shootouts, take appropriate arm weapons; from the back slot armament, the vertical missiles are especially effective against the Sniper MTs perched on topside due to the lack of speed and cover for these targets. If you want to fly between the bridges, you might opt for a lightweight AC with a strong blade, which will make short work of these MTs. Lastly, if you choose to deal with both the Jellyfish in addition to the MTs, it is advisable to take a light and accurate arm weapon (such as a regular rifle or even a handgun) to hunt for the Jellyfish while taking something heavier against the MT83RS. As soon as all of the latter are eliminated, the mission is complete.