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Eliminate Reserve Force is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.


Client: Mirage

Details: Mop up force remnants. Destroy all tanks stationed in the area.

Advance: 0c

Reward: 127000c

Area: Desert Region 04

Remarks: --


  • Tanks


Operator:Clear the area of all Navis forces.


You are deployed in a sand desert area against a large number of enemy tanks. Their only weapon are their cannons, possessing bazooka-like firepower. The tanks are slow but can take some beating. You should bring an AC that can deal a lot of damage with its total ammo count. For instance, an AC with a bazooka and a sniper rifle should be enough to destroy the whole opposition. A rocket launcher is also effective because the tanks are easy targets for manual aiming. Should you opt for a quad or tank build, any long-ranged cannon (such as the GERYON series laser cannons) will make the short work of the tanks as well.

Whatever you bring, remember to pick your targets as wisely. There will be many tanks to deal with, coming in five waves in somewhat quick succession. If you are not destroying them fast enough, they may converge and begin to attack you all at once; and while their shots are very dodgeable, it becomes harder to do once you have to mind several tanks shooting at you together (especially if coming from multiple directions, even more so if you get blindsided). To avoid this situation, kite the enemies and try to keep them all on one side; also remember about the central dune ridge of the area, which is the only major source of cover around. You might choose to fight the tanks at long range to make dodging easier, with the resultant larger distance and lesser amount of tanks actively shooting at you. You might also consider a long range radar to control the positioning of the enemies more easily. Destroy all tanks to complete the mission.