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Eliminate Squatters (1) is a mission in Armored Core.

Eliminate Squatters

One of the WR750R units.


Requester: Zam City Guard

Advance: 0

Upon success: 14000

Theater of operations: Old Factory, East Zam City

Enemy forces: Worker MTs, MTs

Conditions for success: Eliminate illegal squatters


You are to eliminate a group of illegal squatters at an abandoned
factory on the east side of the City. They profess to be radicals
opposed to area redevelopment.

However, the planners have already reached an agreement with the
citizens in question, so these are merely outlaws who want an excuse to
run amuck.

But they are still citizens, so from the standpoint of the Guard, we
cannot use force. If they are left as is, there is a risk of affecting
the progress of the plan.

There is no need for restraint. We want you to firmly teach them the
rules of society.




Armored Core Eliminate Squatters

As one of the two starting missions, Eliminate Squatters is an extremely easy target. There are minimal targets and a starting AC can kill them easily. This is more of a training mission again as the game eases the player into the setting and controls.

The first target is a Bishop and it will begin advancing in the player. This should be defeated easily and them moving on to attack the other MTs, one of them is hidden pretty well in the corner but the radar or FCS should pick it up. As long as the player doesn't get too close to the humanoid MTs, the mission is very simple to complete.