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Eliminate VIP is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Eliminate VIP

The helicopter face to face with The Raven


Client: Mirage

Details: Destroy VIP's helo. Shoot down the helo, prevent its escape.

Advance: 0

Reward: 20000c

Area: Lectus Plain Area 04

Remarks: Night vision capability is recommended for this mission.


  • Helicopter


OAE Employee:A Raven!? We have to get clear of the area!

Operator:They're using electronic counter measures. Don't lose sight of the helicopter.


Likely the easiest mission in the game. The OAE helicopter has no escorts and can be quickly shot down with an accurate weapon like the SHADE.

Hidden Part[]

The CR-WR88RS3 sniper rifle can be obtained as a bonus reward for completing the mission quickly. You cannot obtain this weapon in Free Mission mode.