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Eliminate the Bombers is a mission in Armored Core 3.


Requester: Kisaragi

Advance: 0

Upon success: 28000

Operation Area: Avalon Hill

Enemy Forces: Bomber x 2, Fighter Planes (Unknown Number)

Objective: Destroy the bombers

Operation Code: Rock Hunt

Client Name: Kisaragi

Place Name: Avalon Hill

Start Time: 05:00

Security Level: 1

Estimated Success Rate: 27%

Recommended Raven Rank: B


Early warning sensors have detected two Crest bombers closing on one of our research labs.

Unfortunately, weather conditions around Avalon Hill delayed their acquisition. We must act immediately if we hope to intercept them.

A squadron of fighter planes are flying escort, these are secondary targets, concentrate on the bombers.



Lead Pilot:Enemy AC detected. All units, converge on the target.


Laine Meyers:Raven, make sure neither of the bombers makes it past you.

Laine Meyers:Bomber identified! Take it out!

Laine Meyers:The second is taking a different route!

Laine Meyers:Target destruction confirmed. Please return to base.

Laine Meyers:The target cleared the area. Mission failed.


Funds: 6000c

Note: You will not be able to obtain an S-rank if you choose to bring a consort.


Note that this will be offered as a bonus mission in "Defend Water Processors," and if you complete this mission after accepting it from there, you will earn the KES-ES/MIRROR part.

As with any stage where you have to fight aircraft, you should equip OP-L-AXL and a back radar if you can manage it. Upon the mission starting, you'll have to fight 3 fighter jets, then the first bomber appears in the southwest accompanied by a wing of 6 more fighters. After a short amount of time, the second one appears in the southeast with another 5 Goshawks. Just ignore the second and third waves of planes and go straight for the mission targets. Winning isn't difficult, especially if you bring Squad 1 along, but earning an S-rank is a bit harder.

One way is to achieve an S-rank is to use the AOX-F/ST-6 FCS, which acquires the secondary lock faster than any other FCS, and a highly accurate highly precise weapon, such as the MWGG-XCG/20, the Karasawa, or grenades, plus some missiles and the Howitzer. The only planes you have to destroy are the first 3, so turn to face them, lock on, wait for the secondary lock, and fire. Energy weapons are best suited for this, and can shoot down nearly every plane before they reach you, but grenades are effective too, just slower. After that, bombard the bombers with weapon fire and they'll go down in a few seconds.