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"Eliminate the Enemy AC" is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven and Armored Core: Last Raven Portable. Part of the Zinaida Path.



An unidentified AC is attacking one of our facilities.

Our current war potential isn't enough to deal with the threat. We need immediate assistance.

The AC is [sic] question is equipped with multiple energy weapons; please make sure your units is prepared to withstand its attacks.

The bounty for defeating the AC is yours to keep of course. Please don't let us down.


First off, don't listen to the mission briefing: the mission's a trap. This is the first 2 on 1 AC fight in this path and arguably one of the most difficult missions in the game. Make sure your AC is able to withstand large amounts of solid round damage, not energy round damage. From personal experience, the final levels were easier than this one. Your first opponent is South Nail and after he's fragged, Rim Fire comes out to make your life miserable. Have Fun!

South Nail

AC South Nail is a light-middleweight class, reverse jointed AC. South Nail is armed with an RLA Linear Rifle (which can fire 3-4 times before charging), a sniper rifle, a SATYROS missile launcher, and a missile launcher extension. Anyway once the mission begins, South Nail comes out and informs the player that the mission was a trap. He then starts to attack you by dash-boosting and high jumping while firing missiles, the sniper and linear rifles. The main threat itself is the linear rifle (The RLA) and the sniper rifle. The linear can be fired about 3-4 times stunning an AC and temporarily stopping its attacking capabilities. If you get far, South Nail resorts to his left-handed sniper rifle which can stun the AC. However, the player has an advantage, since he always high jumps, South Nail is stuck to the ground for about 2-4 secs. Trying to regain control, use this advantage and pound South Nail with a blade (if you equipped one) or attack him with your ranged weapon (rifle or anything). Don't use parry blades since these charge and chances are, a: you can miss, b: get hit. Anyway, once he's down, Rim Fire comes out and attacks.

Bullet Life

AC Bullet Life is a quadrupedal AC armed with dual FINGER machine guns, FUNI Retaliation Micro-missiles, back-mounted Chaingun, dual SYLPHS as hanger units, and a MAGORAGA micro-missile launcher. The start-off is when Bullet Life boosts toward you while firing the micro-missiles and the extensions. When he's close enough to land shots, he fires the almighty dual FINGERS (the FINGER is a 250-shot tight-spread machine gun that can damage and overheat an AC. The dual-FINGERs, when used simultaneously, can deal insurmountable damage). Do NOT EVEN GET HIT AT LEAST ONCE by the dual FINGERS since they can also break AC parts and cause instant game-overs. Once you evade all the FINGER shots and they empty, Bullet Life switches to dual SYLPHs in the hanger. If you survive the SYLPHs, the back-mounted Chaingun and the micro missiles (extension included) will make a comeback. Since you are probably low on ammo (from the South Nail fight if you wasted all the ammo) and the boosters are charging, try bunnying Bullet Life and flank him with the blade (only recommended for AC veterans), or if you still have remaining ammo for the ranged weapons and the back-mounted ones ( especially the LX, if you saved it. Just don't miss too many times) use all of it on him and he should go down in no time.

AC Recommendation

For this mission, an agile AC (preferably the Middleweight Bipedal Classic) is needed. Just make sure it could keep up with South Nail and dodge Bullet Life's attacks. Also, include strong AC-killing weapons that can stun ACs and/or break the enemy ACs parts. My part recommendation for this mission are the right arm Linear Gun or an energy weapon that can stun and break (The OGRE2 or the KRSW), a Laser Blade (for slashing South Nail during his lag times and for Bullet Life for the same purpose (only recommended for AC veterans)), micro-missile launchers, and for the extension (if you still have some weight left), energy refills like the JIREN or SAISUI, solid side-shields to increase your DEF SOLID stats.

A tank leg may also be chosen for this since they can hold weight. The AC should be well-armed and armored. For the armaments, the arm weapons can be a strong energy cannon (dual ETTINs, the OGRE and its variants, or dual KRSWs (if you have them)). Now the back weapon should include the back-mounted laser cannons (preferably the fearsome LX cannon, or the CHIMERA, if you don't have the LX), and if you still have weight left, the solid side-shields.

Secret Parts

  • B04-BIRDIE2: From the starting point look for the container nearest to the mountainside. It's not that obvious.
  • YH15-DRONE: Defeat Zuben El Genubi
  • WH03M-FINGER (Left Arm version): Defeat Rim Fire



Armored Core Last Raven - Vs Two ACs

With a middleweight AC

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