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Emil Gustav is character in Armored Core 4 and serves as the main narrator. He was voiced by Dwight Schultz for the US version and by Ikuya Sawaki in the Japanese release.


Though a member of Professor Jarnefeldt's NEXT tech development staff, his true talents lie in the world of politics. Following the Professor's death, Emil assumes responsibility for the Colony's welfare and proposes to use a mercenary, the Raven, to support Anatolia. Throughout the story, he narrates how he uses the Raven and, "through him" Fiona, in order to keep Anatolia well-funded as well as the changing situation from the period right after the National Dismantlement War up to Anatolia's destruction. While portrayed as obsessed and narrow minded in his quest to keep the colony alive, his attitude toward the Raven is shown to be more sympathetic and regretful with time.

In the end, it is Emil who permits the Raven and Fiona to leave Anatolia, stating that "I had no right to stop them. No words to keep him here."