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End Employee Rebellion is a mission in Armored Core 3.

End Employee Rebellion

A Digi MT unit defending one of the nerve gas generators.


Requester: Crest

Advance: 0

Upon success: 15000c

Operation Area: Zidan Weapons Factory

Enemy Forces: MTs x 14

Objective: Disable the nerve gas generators and destroy all enemy forces.

Operation Code: Stinkbug

Client Name: Crest

Place Name: Zidan Weapons Factory

Start Time: 17:30

Security Level: 2

Estimated Success Rate: 68%

Recommended Raven Rank: D


The factory we had you clear out the other day has been reoccupied. Apparently, the rebellion spread further than we thought.

Those holding it are threatening to release a deadly nerve toxin if the factory's closure isn't halted. The deadline to meet their demands is soon approaching. Their resolve leads us to believe that one of the other corporations is manipulating the situation. A peaceful resolution is probably out of the question.

Your objective is twofold: disable the nerve gas generators and eliminate all forces occupying the factory.



Laine Meyers:There are four generators spaced throughout the factory. Get moving.

Laine Meyers:Target disabled. There are three left.

Laine Meyers:Target disabled. Two more to go.

Laine Meyers:Target disabled. You have one left.

Laine Meyers:All generators disabled. Now secure the factory.

Laine Meyers:Objective achieved. Good work.

Laine Meyers:Destruction of all targets confirmed.

Laine Meyers:Now commencing mission




This mission is a bit trickier than the starting one. However, now you have a more advanced AC so the employees won't put up a mission. In order to save time, it's best to kill the workers along with disabling the nerve gas containers as you'll be asked to kill them all anyway. It's a simple mission so don't get flustered by the time limit; it's more than generous.

In order to S-rank the mission, you'll need to clear it in under two minutes, which is still reasonable. High damage single shot weapons and EOs are effective; don't worry too much about taking damage.