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Enter Factory is the final mission of Armored Core: Master of Arena and is a two part level.


Sender: Lana Nielsen

Reward: 60000

Theater of operations: Factory

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Reach the innermost sector of the Factory

Mission Area: Unknown

Mission Scene: Factory

Safety Level: --


There is a Factory near Isaac City that no one knows of. I am waiting there.

Scientists attacked... Ravens targeted... The best AC in the Arena lives even after defeat...

Do you think you've figured it all out? Come meet me to see if you're right.



[???]: "Why are all of you here?"

[???]: "Why do you insist on interfering?"

[???]: "The corporations, the ACs, the Ravens’ Nest..."

[???]: "All of these were formed by me."

[???]: "For the sole purpose of recreating the world and humankind with it."

[???]: "That’s the duty to which I’ve been entrusted."

[???]: "Those who wield too much power..."

[???]: "Those who only bring chaos..."

[???]: "They are simply not part of the program."

[???]: "I was created to protect mankind and this world. I intend to fulfill this task."

[???]: "Modifying Program... Final Level..."

[???]: "All system checks are complete."

[???]: "Combat mode is now engaged."

[???]: "Target verified. Commencing hostilities."


As the final mission of Armored Core, this has some of the lowest enemy counts, although Last Raven's missions feature fewer as well. They are all, however, ACs, specifically Nine Ball copies, AI programs controlled by Hustler One, the main villian of this game.

In terms of equipment, you either want really good armor or mobility, although this depends on whether you have Human PLUS or not. With Human Plus, this becomes easier as you can sue the more powerful weapons at range while moving; something that is a plus with the enemies in this level. the KARASAWA is very effective at destroying ACs and should be equipped. The rest is up to your preferences.

The first area is a small hallway which features a massive room with a Nine Ball, this one being voiced by Lana Nielsen. You should try and avoid its hits while giving it your own. Nine Ball tends to use its Grenade Launcher like in Armored Core but it is much weaker in comparsion. When it falls, there is a door at the top of the level, which leads to several hallways, several of them featuring more Nine Ball ACs although without their equipment. However, that door is already open, so you don't have to fight this Nine-Ball if you don't want to. This is when an unknown speaker begins to address you, and this is Hustler One.

Eventually you will reach a large room with two Nine Balls that have to be destroyed. They are fairly dangerous but if you keep moving, they will not be a problem. After destroying them a door will open and it will lead to an elevator that leads to the final fight and the end of the first half of the mission.

The second half begins with your AC moving down an elevator shaft and you getting your first peaks at Nine Ball Seraph, the final boss and one of the hardest fights in Armored Core History. Eventually you enter a large room with a one on one fight with Seraph.

There are two things youned to keep track of in this fight. The first is that Nine Ball Serpah should NOT be engaged at melee combat. It has dual MOONLIGHT blades and they can deal 4000+ damage with a wave blade strike, something that he spams. His machine guns are not dangerous but if you are weakened, they can finish you off. He also features a Laser Cannon which he uses often and finally he has a dual Motar launcher. This makes him a very dangerous fight and can destroy you in seconds. Secondly he has a prototype for Overboost, causing him to go into a bird like form. He is very fast and is very powerful.

In combat, he is very powerful and you MUST stay on the move and pounding him with your most powerful weapons. Keep at range so the wave blades and missiles do not hit. Treat this as a normal AC fight except with extra caution. He should fall and you win the game.

A viable strategy is to outfit a faster middle weight AC with the WX-S800-GF and the FBMB-18X along with the optional part that accellerates lock on times can easily destroy Nine Ball Seraph, even without being a Human PLUS. It's an expensive strategy and risky due to the limitations on ammo, but ultimately the first half of the level against the three Hustler Ones proves more difficult than the more powerful Seraph. Simply fly backwards and strafe around Seraph until you have a decent lock and keep firing, the combinations of the rapid lock on and the power of the dual back missiles will easily destroy Seraph in record time. 


  • There are 8 additional unarmed Nine-Ball ACs shown in the background, as this is level takes place in the factory in which the Nine-Ball ACs are produced.