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Escort Train is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: Balena

Advance: 0

Upon success: 45000

Theater of operations: Schiaparelli Train Terminal

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Escort train to safety

File No: G-CB-1136

Code Name: Time Keeper

Client: Balena

Opponent: Emeraude

Place: Schiaparelli Train Terminal

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 14:00

Estimated Success Rate: 59%


We've learned that Emeraude is planning an attack on our transport
train, Black Tail.

Black Tail is transporting newly developed AC parts and will be
refusing at the Schiaparelli Train Terminal located in the Green

The terminal is undefended, and it's quite possible that Black Tail
will be attacked while refueling. So, we've decided to enlist the help
of a Raven. Please protect the train.

Be sure to give top priority to guarding the train's engine. You
should protect the train until it reaches a minimum safe distance.
Please Raven, do not fail us.



  • 1 Transport Plane
  • 1 Black Tail


Radio Operator: "We’ve arrived at the target area. Commencing AC drop."

Nell: "Enemy attacks can come from any direction. Be prepared."

Black Tail: "This is Black Tail. I’ll be arriving soon."

Nell: "Reinforcements verified."

Nell: "AC Catastrophe verified. Commence attack. Keep in mind, your primary objective is to guard the train."

Black Tail: "This is Black Tail. Re-supply complete. We’re headin out."

Black Tail: "This is Black Tail. Coast is clear. Thanks for your help."

Black Tail: "It's starting to look bad. Hurry up and get rid of them."

Black Tail: "Come on. I can’t hold something!!!"

Black Tail: "Aaaaaargh!!!"


This mission is home of the classic Armored Core double cross. You are asked to escort a part and if you don't care about your mission success ranking, you can take the part in question, the BEX-BB210. It isn't that great of a part but still if you want it, you can get it.

The initial enemies are groups of flying wing fighters. They aren't too dangerous; just take them out before they can take too much damage. There are a total of 6 fighters that have to be destroyed. Once they are, Cruel Justice enters the scene.

In order to complete the mission, you have to ensure the train does not get destroyed. The easiest way to do this is to destroy Cruel Justice. This is the first time an AC is encountered during a mission but it important to note that ACs in mission (at least until Nexus or Last Raven) do not have as much AP as they would normally; it is about a third of it. They still have their full Defense and ammo stores so you need to destroy him quickly. The AI in Armored Core 2 however isn't the greatest and he is fairly easy to kill. Ultimately Cruel Justice will sit on top of one of the buildings and continue to jump up and down. Destroy him and the mission is over.


  • There are three four-legged worker robots seen around the train station. They are the same as the ones seen in Assist Malea Base.
  • There is a secret extension part (BEX-BB210) in this mission. It is hidden in the second last freight car. You will fail the mission if you pick it up however.
  • The Fighter Planes can remain when Cruel Justice shows up.
  • This mission is (sort of) a remake of the mission Guard Freight Train from the original Armored Core.



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