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Escort Transport is a mission in Armored Core 3.

Escort Transport

The transport making its way through the A-24 Superhighway.


Requester: Kisaragi

Advance: 5000

Upon success: 10000

Operation Area: A-24 Superhighway

Enemy Forces: MTs (Unknown Number)

Objective: Escort the transport to safety

Operation Code: Allegro

Client Name: Kisaragi

Place Name: A-24 Superhighway

Start Time: 05:30

Security Level: 6

Estimated Success Rate: 72%

Recommended Raven Rank: D


A bomb has been planted on one of our transport vehicles traveling the A-24 superhighway.

The bomb is designed to explode if the transport decelerates, so we'll have to defuse it on the fly.

We're clearing the highway and redirecting the transport to a remote area, but a contingent of enemy units has taken up positions along the route.

Please ensure that the transport reaches our bomb disposal team without incident. They'll take care of matters from there.

Be aware if the transport comes into contact with anything, the bomb may explode.



Laine Meyers:Raven, get moving! Clear a path for the transport!

Transport Driver:Raven, clear a path for me!
Transport Driver:Raven, move…

Transport Driver:(If Mission Failed)Aagh!

Bomb Squad:We’ll take over from here. Good job, Raven.

Transport Driver:I’m saved!


  • Transport x 1 (Not really a consort, but it must be protected)


This mission can be annoying if you don't realize that all of the debris on the road is a hazard. It's hard to hit with a blade so manual aiming is required. This can be dangerous but you often have enough time to destroy them. Otherwise, the MTs aren't a threat if you destroy them as soon as you see them.


The mission seems to be a parody of the 1995 movie Speed, where a bus has a bomb attached to it that will detonate if its speed goes under 50MPH.