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Escort Transport is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core


Requester: Kisaragi

Advance: 11000c

Upon success: 0

Operation Area: Submarine

Enemy Forces: Unknown

Objective: Escort Submarine

Operation Code: Firefly Squid

Client Name: Kisaragi

Place Name: Submarine

Start Time: 20:00

Security Level: 4

Estimated Success Rate: 72%

Recommended Raven Rank: -


Good day Raven, we are interested in retaining your services as an escort aboard one of our company transports during its next voyage.

The transport is a specially designed submarine put into operation when shipping valuable cargo. Its current payload consists of mined resources vital to our corporation's future.

We've had no problems transporting materials using this method in the past, but given the importance of the cargo on this trip, we'd like a Raven along as added insurance.

Keep watch over the transport and be prepared to counter any outside interference. Make sure the cargo reaches its intended destination.



Submarine Captain: "Raven, an enemy force has boarded the sub. Take them out!"

Boarding Party Leader: "We've gained access to the sub, take out the generators."

Submarine Captain: "Keep them away from the generators. We'll be an easy target without power."

Submarine Captain: "There's no time to waste, I can't maintain our speed with less than 60% power."

Announcement: "Warning, power loss detected. Switching to emergency backups."

Submarine Captain: "It's over Raven, we've lost too much power..."

Submarine Captain: "Raven, I have an unidentified sub in close proximity, hurry!"

Submarine Captain: "Threat neutralized. The sub is secure."

Submarine Captain: "Thanks, Raven."


A straightforward and a little bit of a tricky mission, you have to destroy all enemies in the level and prevent the enemies from destroying too many generators.

This can be a rather annoying mission to complete (especially if you're aiming for the hidden part) as the majority of the enemies tend to hide behind the generators and they tend to destroy them when they try to shoot you. Using orbit cannons is one of the ways to get this part. Another (easier) method to get the part is to to take one for the team. Simply boost to the ceiling so their attacks can hit you and not the generators. You can then start by picking them off at your discretion. If they're behind a generator shoot em, if not, ignore for the ones that are.

It's also possible to complete with a very precise method. Bring a single back missile and a weapon that can defeat small MTs in one shot. In the first chamber, boost into the center of the room after destroying the enemy visible right as you open the door. Don't move, allow them to shoot you, and fire at each individually. It's alright if one capacitor is destroyed here, the other two chambers are more reliable. In the second chamber, boost across from the door and hug the opposing wall. Stay still in that position and fire at the MTs, circling around to the right to catch those on the opposite side of the wall. In the third chamber, the enemies won't be aggressive until you step further into the room. Peek around and fire at the first MT, then switch to missiles and lock onto the ones in the back of the room. Position your lockbox so that the enemies are on the leftmost side of it - the intention is to curve the missiles around the geometry to defeat the MTs before they can even aggro. For each shot you fire, jump. You should be hitting the top of the doorframe for each shot. Defeat the back three this way, then walk around to shoot the final one. (via)


  • By having less than 2 generators destroyed, you will unlock the arm part CAL-33-ROD.