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Etranger is the unofficial fan name for a ship that appears in Armored Core 2



and later the Type-M version appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


The Etranger is a ship, roughly one third the size of an AC. The standard version appearing in Armored Core 2 is armed with a rocket launcher, while the Type-M version appearing in Another Age is armed with a vertical missile launcher. Both types are used for sneak attacks in the water and except for the armaments are identical.

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Etranger Type-M


  • Rocket Launcher
  • Vertical Missile Launcher (Type-M)


Armored Core 2[]

The standard version appears twice as an enemy. It appears in the missions Defend Arden River Lab and Arden River Invasion.

Armored Core 2: Another Age[]

The Type-M version appears only in the mission Defend the Shipyard as an enemy.


  • Name comes from a japanese website and the translation is pending.