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The Evergreen Family (EGF) is one of the major factions contending for victory in the Verdict War. They appear in Armored Core: Verdict Day.


After the battle at The City, Frances Batty Curtis, along with Rosary and the others, headed for The Towers. Francis would eventually become the impetus for the EGF.

She lead a group of wanderers that had been belittled and called "Cendrillon" to a place across the seas known as the Far East. It is not clear as to her goals in going there, but what is certain is the fact that the Far East is one of the most Contaminated places in the land. It is not hard to imagine the trials that faced her.

In those lands, she lead the Cendrillon through many hardships, and it was told that she used their "Crossing" abilities to find a new tower in the Far East. Using the knowledge from the tower, then Cendrillon were able to settle into one place and prosper. However, after that things became uncertain. Some people say that Francis stayed with the Centrillon until death, and some people say she gathered a few close comrades and left as soon as the Cendrillon settled.
The Cendrillon took all of the information and technology in the tower and created the EGF (Evergreen Family). They pray for the eradication of the Contamination and the return of the once green lands to their former beauty. Along the way, Frances had become somewhat of a god-like symbol to them, but whether or not Frances wanted this is uncertain. Frances's name had also been forgotten, meaning they no longer knew who the women who created the EGF was.

In the Frontiers and the Continent, Venide and Sirius were waging a war with each other. However, as the Far East was far away from the two organizations, they did not participate in the war. After the Contamination began to recede, the Far East and the other territories began trading, but eventually it also meant EGF joining in on the war over the towers.


The highest power in the EGF is the "Elders Council." This is just as it sounds, a religious styled "elder" being gathered together to make the decisions for the EGF based primarily on religious motives.

When the EGF went to war with Sirius and Venide, the organizational structure had changed drastically. The biggest change being the induction of the "Wartime Special Forces Unit", which was blessed by the elders, and consisted of 13 of the most powerful leaders. This was expected to be a sort of central command. This new unit split the organization into 7 areas, and placed a leader in each area that reported back to the Special Forces.

The 13 that make up the Special Forces are all great leaders with plenty of experience, selected carefully from the EGF ranks, but the youngest one, Karin L. Murakumo is by far the most popular of them. As she was not only skilled since birth, but also endowed with a great beauty, she was called the saint of the EGF from a young age. Many people think she is prime to become the next elder.


  • Elders Council
  • Wartime Special Forces: Karin L. Murakumo and 12 others
  • Special Unit "Leaves" Captain Hart G. Locke
  • Area01 Leader: R. J. Kyrie
  • Area02 Leader: Mikhael A. Livanov
  • Area03 Leader: Naria F. Tomine
  • Area04 Leader: Gregory S. Takamura
  • Area05 Leader: Sasho R. Kurkova
  • Area06 Leader: J. J. Milchakov
  • Area07 Leader: Arisa D. Sakurai

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In-game information[]

VoW Archive 04: Evergreen Family[]

One of the Three Forces.

Officially called the Evergreen Family, this collective emerged from the worst-ravaged areas of the world, and remains the least populous of the Three Forces. Nevertheless, its peoples' high degree of adaptability has seen them flourish despite harsh surroundings, and they have been exceptionally proactive in their research of Last Age ruins, including the Towers.

Though they had a later start than the other Forces, their formidable technological mastery has earned them essentially equal standing with their rivals.

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