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10-22-2010 8-33-32 PM

Exavil is a unique structure appearing in Armored Core 4.


Located on Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada, Exavil serves as the headquarters of the Rayleonard company. Exavil is an extremely unique structure, supported by multiple pillars set in a fan-shape around the facility.

Near the close of the Lynx War, Exavil becomes vulnerable to attack after the destruction of Rayleonard's NEXTs. It is however, still defended by several Prototype NEXTs, as well as ships, helicopters, and gun MTs. Anatolia's Raven is contracted to demolish the facility by destroying its array of pillars, causing the structure to lose balance and fall. The destruction of Exavil marks the death of the Rayleonard company and the end of the Lynx War.