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Aix Fur MT
General information
Classification Muscle Tracer
Appearances Armored Core 3

Exfer is the unofficial fan name for a lightweight, missile launcher, humanoid MT that appears in Armored Core 3.


The Exfer unit is a manned jet-like MT roughly the same size of an AC. It weapons include a rapid-firing rifle (similar to the assault rifles of later games) and a dangerous Exfer Bomb. This is a missile-like weapon that locks on and pursue targets at a slower rate much like the CWM-TITAN. The unit performs quite well, relying on its early damage output a bit too much. The unit will initially fly into the battlefield and launch it's single missile, then transform and attack the enemy with it's rifle. It's speed and firepower make it one of the more dangerous MTs for the player to encounter.


  • Rifle
  • Exfer Bomb


The Aix Fur MT unit appears as an enemy in the following missions: