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Fanatic - Emblem
General information
Classification Human
Gender Female
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Global Cortex
Occupation Raven
Rank C-4
Craft AC Red Eye
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 3

Fanatic is a Raven appearing in Armored Core 3. She is affiliated with Global Cortex and ranked C-4 in the Arena. She is partnered with Milky Way in the Extra Arena. Together they hold spot for the ninth ranked team.


Fanatic was an AC that was contracted by Mirage to assist The Raven in eliminating a group of enemy forces. Upon the streets of Trene City, they fought against a cohort of Blue Osprey and Fluke MTs that were most likely contracted by Crest. Her demeanor in the battle showed that she preferred to complete missions through teamwork.


  • Secure Trene City
    • Raven, let’s work together.
    • (If The Raven attacks her)Raven, what are you doing!?
    • (If The Raven continues attacking)Attack me will you!?
    • (If Defeated)Oh no!
    • What’s wrong? You’re falling behind...
    • This is Redeye. I’m returning to base.

AC Red Eye[]

AC Red Eye

AC Red Eye

Red Eye is a middleweight four-legged AC] equipped with an energy-based exceed orbit core, side shield extensions, a slug gun, a back radar, a machine gun and an energy shield. In order to fire the back mounted slug gun the unit needs to stand still.



She serves as a mandatory consort during the mission Secure Trene City. During the mission, she is tasked with assisting The Raven in eliminating the enemy targets.

In the Arena, Fanatic is ranked C-4 and can be challenged once the player reaches a Raven rank of C

In-Game Information[]

With her icy one-eyed stare and distinct red eye patch, this AC's pilot makes quite a first impression. She never works alone when taking mission assignments and while not a superb pilot, her skill level can safely be rated as above average.


Fanatic is essentially Trooper 2.0, as they both employ very similar combat styles, the main difference being that she uses her right arm weapon more frequently than her back weapon. That said, Fanatic is a competent user of her machine gun, so it's paramount that you try to avoid that as much as possible. At closer ranges, she will resort to use her slug gun, which can deal a lot of heat, so staying away is advised. Fanatic also has many energy shields which she uses at regular intervals, but this also tends to drain out her energy rather quickly. Take advantage of this weakness and hit her hard while she's vulnerable.

In the mission, Fanatic will work alongside you dealing with multiple flying enemies as well as a bunch of cloaked Fluke MTs. Just be careful to not to friendly fire on her too much, as she will turn on you if you do so, and you'll be forced to take her out. Although defeating her will grant you an additional monetary bonus, it's not recommended for newer players to employ this friendly fire tactic as Fanatic is a somewhat competent Raven in combat. She can be of great help in dealing with the Blue Ospreys, which can be cumbersome to destroy.



The name Fanatic refers to Fanaticism, the belief or behavior involving uncritical zeal or obsessive enthusiasm.


  • If the player damages her during the mission "Secure Trene City" in which she appears as a mandatory consort, she will turn on you. If you damage her during the early part of the mission, she will simply scold you; if you damage her a second time or damage her later in the mission, she we will attack you and the Raven will be forced to kill her.
  • As usual in Japanese version, where the text can afford to be longer, her Arena bio mentions that, "despite her seemingly cold words, the hint of loneliness in her eye has made her numerous enamored fans."