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ACV - Emblem - Father's Signet 'Odi Et Amo'
Don Tyrell
General information
Japanese name ドン・タイレル
Classification Human
Gender Male
Age 50
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Alloy Gate City
Occupation Alloy Gate's Ruler/Dictator
Rank Governing Head
Eras present The First Rebellion, The Second Rebellion
Known battles The Battle for the City
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core V
Voice actor Nolan North (US), Shinpachi Tsuji (JP)

Don Tyrell, known to the people of the City as Father, is the dictator of Alloy Gate City in the setting of Armored Core V. He is called "Representative"(代表) in the original Japanese version of the game.


Long before the events of Armored Core V, Don Tyrell met Jack Batty, the leader of a gang of thieves, when the latter stole an Armored Core belonging to him, and forced Tyrell to teach him to operate the AC under the threat of death. But in doing so, the two developed an unlikely friendship, and Tyrell eventually joined Jack's gang. He acted as the "brain" of the outfit to Jack's "brawn," allowing the gang to establish a reputation in The City. However, Jack's gang was nearly annihilated when they were caught in the crossfire between two warring Migrant groups, and the two were separated, not knowing the other survived.

Many years later, Tyrell gathered an expedition team together and ventured deep into the toxic wastes of the Contaminated Zone, deeper than even the Migrants were willing to go. The finds Tyrell's team made in the Deep Contaminated Zone are unknown, but his discoveries there are what allowed him to consolidate power and form a dominant Migrant group. He was reunited with Jack Batty, who became his right hand man, and together they were able to take over The City and bring it under their control.

After taking control of the city, Don Tyrell adopted the title of 'Father' and began enforcing a strict apartheid. Although this was likely the only way for the City to survive in the severe contamination surrounding it, was also a heartless move that came at an enormous cost. Those oppressed by Father's apartheid were forced underground into dilapidated slums.

Jack soon grew disillusioned with his former friend, and during a mission to crush dissidents, he instead defected and went into hiding. Jack secretly gathered the oppressed peoples of the City into a Resistance, and prepared to launch a massive offensive against Father that would become the First Rebellion. However, Father became aware of Jack's plans ahead of time, and in addition to his City Police, he contracted the help of an organization known as "The Corporation". When the First Rebellion began, Father's forces were well prepared and crushed the Resistance effortlessly. Jack himself was killed in action by the Corporation's ace pilot, Chief, which along with their massive casualties sustained, nearly ended the Resistance: only the survival of Jack's daughter, Frances, managed to keep the Resistance together, albeit barely.

With the threat to his rule ended, Father resumed control of the City, placing even stricter rules and security, such as constant drone surveillance. A year later, however, Frances Batty would consolidate the remnants of the Resistance, and launch a Second Rebellion. Learning from their previous mistakes, the Resistance this time engaged in guerrilla warfare against the both numerically and technologically superior forces of the City Police and Corporation. The plan was a success, and in the resulting chaos, a strike team led by Leon Dantess managed to infiltrate Father's tower and corner him. Before the Resistance could capture Father and bring him to justice, however, the Corporation called in an airstrike against Father's tower, killing him in the resulting onslaught.


  • Father's logo is "Odi et Amo", or "I hate and I love". The quote is an excerpt from Catullus 85.
  • Father's name, Don Tyrell, and the Resistance Leader's name, Jack Batty, are references to the film Blade Runner.
  • According to his character profile in ACV - The FACT, Father is 50 years old, the same as Jack Batty.
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