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General information
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationThe Raven's group
OccupationOperator, Stork pilot
CraftF21C Stork
Eras presentVerdict War
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core: Verdict Day
"You have got to live and die by your own rules. Not for anybody else, that has always been our way."
— Fatman

Fatman is a "Storker", a person who co-operates with mercenaries, transporting them into battle piloting an F21C Stork helicopter. He appears in Armored Core: Verdict Day.


An exceptionally experienced Storker said to be the oldest still in action at age 62. He always goes by this call name -- which he apparently holds dear -- rather than his actual name. He has partnered with countless mercs over his long career. More often than not, his partners have also enjoyed great success in the field. For that, he is revered by those in the know as the "luck bringer."

The reputation comes largely from his one hard-and-fast rule: his partner survives, however dire the situation. True to that rule, he has snatched many from the jaws of certain death. He remains unswerving in his dedication to fight alongside those who refuse to abandon the fight.

From his brash demeanor and appearance, he gives the impression of being untrustworthy. However, those who know him as an expert firefighter who made his name by surviving countless battles.


Nothing is known about his early life, although he has an almost legendary status for his prowess as a Storker.

Over the course of the game, he guides the player and Maggy as his partner, providing useful information and assisting the player when needed. In comparison with Maggy's occasional hotheadedness, Fatman is much more laidback and serves as a mediator and voice of reason. He is also at times shown to be very philosophical, as his time on the battlefield has affected him greatly.

He shares a deep bond with Maggy, and is distraught when she chooses to join the Reaper Squad and expresses regret that he could not prevent her from taking that path, which ultimately results in her death at the hands of the player.


  • "Where do you get these jobs?! They're always shady as hell"
  • "I guess mercs are disposable these days, huh?"
  • "I'm sick of being a mule, Maggy. All I think about lately is quitting."
  • "No dice. It's gonna rain, and I want to quit on a fine day."
  • "Scans show no enemy signatures; let's head home".
  • "I have no idea what we did here. Not that I ever do."
  • "It's got to bug you too, Maggy. You were a merc once, right?"
  • "We're lucky to have you."
  • "Ahh, these things are a pain in the ass!"
  • "The towers, huh? They're a mystery too."
  • "Pretty reckless of them..."
  • "But I guess that sums up the human race, huh?"
  • "Man!! I don't believe this!!"
  • "Maggy, I don' care what you've done in the past. You're only human."
  • "Maggy, are you sure this is what you want?"
  • "You are not right in the head"
  • "Maggy, what in the world has gotten into you?"
  • "Some people just don't like being told what to do."
  • "Maggy, is that what you want to become?"
  • "You're not right in the head."(to J)
  • "All I've known my whole life is war. And this whole time all I've done is watch others like you throw their lives away on the battlefield. 'That's why I wanted to save you, Maggy, but maybe, maybe I was just selfish. That's why I wanted to save you, Maggy. But maybe, maybe I was just a fool to think I could. You've got to live and die by your own rules, not for anybody else, that has always been our way, Maggy."
  • "YOU!!! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!?!?"(to the Foundation Man)
  • "Aren't you human? What are you?"
  • "Here is that crazy old bastard!!"
  • "Are you happy now? You are the one lying broken"
  • "That's exactly what we'll do!"


  • His "sixth sense" regarding survival is similar to RD's.


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