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Filial is the name of the second part of the final boss in Armored Core 2.

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The Martian "AC" Filial


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The Filial was a Disorder Unit designed by the ancient Martian race that previously inhabited Mars and was used by Leos Klein in the Phobos moon against the Raven. The unit was revealed as the Raven destroyed the Scarabaeus, revealing this smaller and slimmer model inside. In this form, the weapon gains greatly in mobility, and deploys orbit cannons while utilizing two MOONLIGHT equivalent blades and what appears to be an high stun spread laser cannon mounted on the head. The unit is also capable of using over boost. It is eventually defeated by the Raven and destroyed as Phobos burned up upon reentry into Mars' atmosphere. In order to lock on to this unit you need a bio sensor.


  • Dual Laser Blade
  • Orbit Cannon
  • High Stun Spread Laser Cannon


Filial is quite a powerful enemy, although nowhere near as powerful as other bosses in the series like IBIS or Nine Ball Seraph. It is fairly nasty and ultimately is quite quick, especially its spread laser cannon; it can cause high stun. One recommended way of fighting him (and indeed the recommended strategy for most of the later missions) is to use a quad leg or hover leg AC with a high powered arm weapon. These could be the arm cannons like the Grenade Cannon or it could be the KARASAWA laser rifle. After defeating Klien's first form, your AP and ammo are replenished. Though this form takes an high amount of damage, even with the KARASAWA or heavy weapons, it overall has less AP than the previous phase, going down to around ten to twenty shots from the KARASAWA. It's best to maintain distance from the machine; its laser shotgun becomes less effective at range, and constantly keeping away from it will prevent it from tearing the player apart with its dual laser blades. Constantly moving will also prevent its orbit weapons from being too effective. However, unlike the Predicator, this machine has the ability to overboost much like an AC, thus letting it close the distance should a player not be attentive to what it's doing.


The unit only appears in the final mission of Armored Core 2 Phobos.


  • Name is revealed in the Armored Core 10 Works Complete File book.
  • Filial is a word meaning offspring of a parent or a relationship similar to that of an offspring. This can be observed when Scarabaeus is defeated and Filial appears from within, as if emerging from inside a womb or shell.