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A quadruped NEXT

Four leg, also known as "Quadlegs", are a very distinct type of legs suited for hit and run combatants. Quad legs use a set of four legs to move about, similar to an arachnid creature.


As stated above, quad legs use a set of four legs to skim around quickly,. They boast respectable load weight and incredible agility. Their most outstanding and unique feature however is the ability to fire shoulder cannon weapons whilst moving. Both of these features make them perfect for ground combat. Due to their perpetually low posture, they have no need to squat any lower to be in a firing position, in the first series of games they cannot fire if they're airborne but in later installments this limit was removed.


Quad legs have serious energy management problems as they have a relatively high energy drain factor, making boost durations very brief. This also makes them poor at airborne combat. In addition, they have low defense, so they don't tend to last.


Quadlegs were first introduced in the Original Armored Core universe, in the first game, denoted with the prefix LF (Legs, Four), such as LFH-X5X. Interestingly, at this point, quadlegs simply "glide" along the ground instead of making a walking motion (which is probably due to the graphical limitation), thereby eliminating the need to boost on the ground. In Armored Core 3 onwards however, the quadlegs gained walking ability, thus requiring them boost on the ground like other types of legs. This eliminates its distinct advantage of requiring less energy to move about, although it retained its ability to fire back weapons while moving, so long as they are on the ground. In Armored Core 4/for Answer, its mechanics allows boosting on the ground permanently, so in a sense, it regained its capability from the original Armored Core universe. Despite so, usual limitations such as greatly limited aerial combat potential as well as relatively high energy drain continues to be a characteristic of quadlegs.

In Armored Core V and Verdict Day, quad legs have been renamed tetrapod legs. They have also been reclassified as medium to heavyweight legs, and are no longer as agile as they used to be in previous games. Tetrapod legs have also lost their ability to fire cannons while moving, making them a bit less attractive for use with cannons. Although the ability to move whilst using a cannon has been removed, Tetrapod legs have a few advantages over Quad legs:

  1. Being medium to heavyweight legs, Tetrapod legs have much more armor and AP than their predecessors. Although they do lack the movement speed of the older versions, certain models still retain a respectable movement speed.
  2. Tetrapod legs can remain airborne for extended periods of time, making them idea choices for aerial snipers.
  3. Although Tetrapod legs need to enter a crouched state to fire cannons, their crouch also increases the fire rate of said cannons. This means that weapons such as Sniper Cannons become much more deadly when used in conjunction with Tetrapod legs.
  4. Tetrapod legs have an even greater loading capacity than their predecessors thanks to their new weight class.

In Armored Core 6, Tetrapod legs retain the traits of both its ACV and earlier iteration Quad legs by being mobile legs with high load capacity. In addition, they now have the ability to transform into a hover mode, making them ideal for airborne engagement.

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  • Quadlegs on Armored Core 4/For Answer do not boost like other leg types with its legs on the ground. Instead, it folds the legs up such that the NEXT is effectively airborne for a few feet in the air, becoming what is called a "Ground Effect Vehicle". This is very pronounced in quadlegs produced by BFF, in which the folded up configuration is very streamlined against the air.
  • In Armored Core V/Verdict Day and ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON, Quadlegs are now known as Tetrapods.