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Free Rapture Orbit Elevator is the final mission in Armored Core 2: Another Age and is a two-part level.


Requester: Government

Advance: 80000

Upon success: 0

Theater of operations: Rapture Junction Station Bliss

Enemy forces: ACs (Unknown number)

Objective: Destroy the designated targets

File No: T-GM-8106

Code Name: Trinity

Client: Government

Opponent: Raven

Place: Rapture Junction Station Bliss

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 13:30

Estimated Success Rate: 36%


This is a direct request from the Government. We're sending you to
Earth's Rapture Orbit Elevator to take care of several ACs that have
entered the facility without authorization.

The perpetrators all hail from Mars and are demanding transfers to
Earth. In an attempt to make us comply with this demand, they've seized
Junction Station Bliss.

Because of their actions, all operations relating to Rapture have
ceased, which in turn has created an economic backlash. You are
authorized to resolve this situation through force.

Their leader, Antares is one of the most feared Ravens on Mars. He
should not be taken lightly. Good luck.



Announcement: "It was a pleasure working with you, Raven. But I’m afraid this time it’s personal."

Antares: "We’ve come this far, what makes you think we’d quit now?"(when the Raven enters the room)

Operator: "Enemy ACs detected. He’s the leader. Take him down."

Antares: "...!!"(upon defeat)


This is the final mission of the game and is a 2 part level. This mission involves 2 AC fights, one in the first part and another in the second. The first part is simple, you have to defeat the AC and advance to the second part. Once you reach the second part, it will be an all-out AC fight.

The first part starts with you having to head down a long corridor. Once you reach the end of this corridor, you will then head through a door that leads to the first of ACs in the level: Vaser. He's a heavily-armored quad legged AC equipped with a machine gun, rockets and a blade. His weapons are geared more for rapid-fire than high attack power, so you need not worry too much about his shots. Just be very careful when engaging him up close, he has the fastest blade in the game and can spam it repeatedly, not to mention that he's a quad, meaning he can stab with the blade instead of slashing, and blade stabs often does more damage than a normal blade slash, so it's advisable to not engage in a blade fight with him head on. Vaser is well-armored but has limited mobility, high power weapons like the KARASAWA or missiles work well against him. He also doesn't fly much so it shouldn't be too hard to defeat him.

Once Vaser is down, fly up to the door on the platform above. This door will then lead you down several long corridors with some weak rocket launcher MTs. Although these are optional to destroy, it's better to clear them out as they can be a nuisance and stand in your way.

When you reach the end of the long corridors, you will then head into a room which will then lead you to the second part of the mission.

Now, in the second part of the mission, your AP and ammo is refilled. You will then have to head down another door, which will then lead you to a large room where Antares is waiting for you. After taunting you, he will then commence his attack. Do note however, that he is not alone; he is accompanied by Carlyle (the black lightweight AC from the game's opening cinematic), take extra caution as he will continually poke you in the back when you're occupied with Antares.

There's no real recommended setup for this fight, although it is advised to not engage both ACs at once. Should you choose to go after Antares first, then make sure that Carlyle isn't within close proximity of you as he will continually chip away at you from the back. It is highly recommended to use shell weapons against Antares as his AC is more focused towards energy defense than shell. At the same time, avoid as much of his missiles and laser rifle shots as well, taking too many hits from those can spell doom for you. Another thing to note is that Antares has the tendency to go airborne, so having a radar will help in keeping track of him. It is also not recommended to engage in a blade fight with Antares as he too, has the fastest blade in the game and not to mention he has Human PLUS, meaning he can fire blade waves to add on further to the damage dealt by his blade. He also has back booster extensions that allow him to evade head-on blade attacks, making it harder to land a blade hit on him.

If you choose to go for Carlyle first however, then you'd have to change your strategy. Unlike Antares who tends to fly a lot, Carlyle tends to stay closer to the ground, bunny hopping constantly to avoid damage. He is also a lightweight AC, thereby increasing his mobility and this makes it a lot harder to keep a constant lock on him. However, his AC is built more for support than a head-on confrontation, as his weapons don't deal much damage. His rifle fires quick but lacks raw damage power and his blade has a long length but also lacks raw damage power. He also has a light grenade launcher on his back but due to him not having PLUS, he has to kneel order to fire it. Carlyle also hardly uses his grenade launcher, he only uses it if he is the last man standing and he has run out of rifle ammo, otherwise, he will just peck away at you with his rifle and blade.

When engaging Carlyle, it's best to lure him away from where Antares is, so that you will not be constantly taking fire while engaging him. For his case, Carlyle's AC is lightweight and quite fragile, so he can put down easily with some heavy weapon shots. The KARASAWA can rip him apart rather easily and a powerful blade like the MOONLIGHT can also deal massive damage to him. Missiles work too but note that he's very agile so not all of your shots may hit him.

Once either one has been defeated, simply finish of the other AC with your remaining shots or if you have blade, get behind them and blow them apart.

An alternate approach consists of holding the high ground of the upper floor of the chamber. Although neither Antares or Carlyle are eager to go after you there, it is possible to lure the former to climb up to your level eventually if you continue moving around the place while keeping your (horizontal) distance. Carlyle however, flat out refuses to leave the lower floor, which makes it possible to get Antares to fight you unsupported on the terrace temporarily. This way, the fight can be made much easier as Antares will make himself exposed when trying to chase you on the higher level. Although he does tend to drop down after a short time, your advantageous position will still render Antares a much easier prey with this strategy. After he is down, Carlyle is not going to change his behaviour, and will just keep roaming the lower level endlessly until you present yourself to him. With that, taking potshots at him can get tricky, but thanks to your altitude advantage you will have a markedly easier time firing at him then the other way around. As mere peekshots might not be enough to get a good aim at Carlyle, you might find yourself forced to fly around the chamber while fishing for an opportunity to strike at Carlyle. Time your shots when he is boosting in a straight line, preferably when he boosts away from you. Since he will never go after you like Antares did, you will have the leisure of picking where and when to strike, making the fight even easier.

Once all of the rebellious Ravens are defeated, the mission is complete. Congratulations for beating Armored Core 2: Another Age.


  • Before fighting Carlyle and Antares you get all your AP and ammo restored.
  • Beating this mission is guaranteed to give you a full payout of 80 thousand credits, with all expenses covered for you.