The Frighteners, officially the Special Forces, are a group of Armored Core pilots that are featured in Armored Core 2 as the main antagonists.


The Frighteners are an elite mercenary unit that comes to Mars at the request of the LCC to reign in the corporations. They are led by the oldest Nine Breaker, Leos Klein and supplied by Balena.

A majority of these members are ex-Ravens and are shown to be very skilled. Most pilot a blue middleweight reverse jointed AC with back mounted dual plasma cannons, though exceptions do exist. Most of these ACs specialize in energy weapons, making them highly effective against other ACs.

They are used to great effect being successful in defeating both the forces of Zio Matrix and Emeraude. However, at a critical moment they assassinate the leadership of the LCC and perform their own coup d'etat, followed by activating all of the Disorder Units to destroy the corporations.

The Frighteners proceed to announce their intention to create a homelands for Ravens to be free prompting several Ravens of Nerves Concord to join them. However this is only a lie fabricated by Leos Klein to cover up his own goals. By the time Klein is killed on Phobos most of the Frighteners had already been killed in combat. The survivors are most likely hunted down in the aftermath of Armored Core 2.

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