Futile Resistance Mission Icon

Futile Resistance is a mission in the fifth chapter of Armored Core 4. It is named Barren Resistance in the Japanese version.



  • Damage: 26000 AP (28000 AP on hard mode)
  • Ammo Use: N/A
  • Mission Time: 240 seconds


Let's confirm the mission

Armed terrorist have struck the former BFF's Kojima energy facility, Sphere. You're to take them out.

The terrorist are former Sphere staff. They've activated an experimental Normal designed for extreme climes, and have holed themselves up inside the Kojima tank.

They've made a list of impossible demands, saying they'll cause a meltdown if not met. If allowed to happen, this would cause the worst contamination in history by far.

The concentration of Kojima particles inside that tank is extremely high. Expect it not only to weaken your Primal Armor, but actively damage your craft. Be careful in there.

Those are your orders.


The player is assigned to enter the Sphere facility and eliminate all occupying forces. The Kojima radiation inside the facility is extremely high, and will damage both the player's Primal Armor and AP. Radiation levels are higher in the lower levels of the facility, and will cause more damage per second to the player. This damage-over-time effect is one of the main threats of the mission, as the player will continually lose AP even when not under fire.

Hard Mode Differences: Instead of consisting of a small number of experimental Normals, the enemy forces are now comprised of a large number of generic MTs. Although considerably less powerful than the Normals they replace, the primary threat they impose is forcing the player to spend more time in the facility due to their greater numbers.



Fiona Jarnefeldt:Eliminate all experimental enemy Normals. Kojima particle concentrations in the area are higher than expected. I'm afraid there's no way to avoid craft damage. Take the objectives out as quickly as possible.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Kojima particle density is higher in the lower levels. Expect grater damage the further down you go.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Destruction of target craft confirmed. 3 units remain.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Objective destroyed. 1 left.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:No more enemy signatures detected within the Sphere. The mission was a success. Good work. Please head back.


The hard mode version of this mission is of questionable canon, as the MAMLUK is not rated to withstand such extensive Kojima radiation. Additionally, it contradicts the mission briefing, which specifically states that the enemy forces are using experimental Normals, even showing an image of the 051AO70-AK and displaying the unit's name.

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