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The GAEN01-STARLET is a NEXT model that appears in Armored Core 4 and later in Armored Core: For Answer.


The only NEXT design by GAE before its dissolution, the STARLET is a four-legged SUNSHINE NEXT. Its shift to quadraped form gave it astounding ground mobility, making it better suited to its usual combat roles. In fact, the STARLET boasts superior stats across the board in comparison with its earlier cousin, the GAN01-SUNSHINE. This does, however, comes at the cost of aerial mobility, restricting the STARLET close to the ground and making it an easier target from airbourne attacks. The only known user of this model is Mrs. Theresia in Armored Core 4 (In For Answer, Theresia has changed almost all of the frame parts leaving only the quad legs as original).


The weapons included are part of the original schematic during the LYNX War. Later releases of this schematic leave the weapon units empty to allow for user customisation.