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The GAME-QUASAR is a unit that is seen in Armored Core 4 and later in Armored Core: For Answer.

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First appearing in A Dark Night's March (and on Hard Mode, Sharpshooting), the Quasar is described as being a large old type transport unit. Unlike most units, the Quasar has four legs to walk upon, making it very slow and unyielding; to compensate for this weakness, the Quasar has been outfitted with heavy armor and multiple weapons. Its main weapon is a large triple gun which is capable of dealing high damage to a NEXT, as well as several side turrets and 8 vertical missile tubes.

By the events of For Answer. Quasars are no longer mobile, don't have any point-defense turrets and are now mostly used as stationary gun emplacements. Nevertheless, it does take up hefty amounts of punishment. Laser blades are still the most effective way of dispatching one.

According to the name written as "GAME" but its not pronounce as game, its been called "GA-ME" instead.